2018 Indigenous Guernsey

Published on: Jul 13 2018 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

NORWOOD is proud to reveal the design for the club’s 2018 Indigenous Guernsey.

The guernsey, which was designed by Shane Cook who is a close friend of Anthony Wilson will be worn during Norwood’s clash with Sturt FC at Peter Motley Oval on Saturday, July 14 during Indigenous Round.

The jumpers design displays on the front and back a meeting place in white which is symbolic across all language groups around Australia meaning anyone from any Indigenous language would be able to recognise it as a meeting place.

The design at the front in red is an abstract design symbolic of strength and unity.

On the front of the jumper as it meets as a ‘V’ it’s almost the shape of a Boomerang which represents a weapon which indigenous people would hunt with or fight with.

There is also a pattern just underneath the ‘V’ which looks as if the designed as been weaved together. Weaving is a significant part of Aboriginal culture which showcases how things were created to make them stronger.

The front of the jumper also features the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, which represents the contribution of the current and previous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players at Norwood.

Match-worn guernseys will be auctioned off following Indigenous Round.

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