2018 Women’s Leadership Group

Published on: Jan 25 2018 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

The Norwood Football Club is pleased to announce its Leadership Group for the 2018 Statewide Super Women’s League Season.

After a successful 2017 campaign which saw Norwood become the inaugural Premiers of the Statewide Super Women’s League, Head Coach Steve Symonds remains optimistic about his side’s chances of going back to back appointing a similar Leadership Group to 2017.

Symonds mentioned that there is a need & desire for leadership stability due to the high turnover of players heading into the 2018 Season.

Rebekka McMahon has been selected as Captain once again in 2018, as have Whitney Benson and Leah Cutting who will continue to serve as Vice-Captains.

The newest addition to the leadership group comes as a surprise with Tess Baxter shifting from her role as part of the coaching staff into a full time player for the Lady Legs.

Symonds believes she has many important attributes including good leadership skills as well as the fact she fully understands the direction the team is going in. He also elaborated in saying

Speaking to Symonds about the appointment of his leaders he mentioned that he wanted to keep things stable from a leadership and cultural point of view.

“From these three players in particular I am looking for them to clearly understand what we are trying to put in place and where we are going as a Football Club,” said Symonds.

“As a Coach I think these four players will be able to drive “Actions & Standards” within trainings and games which will not only develop themselves but other members of the team.

“I also feel due to the short season last year that our three leaders were just starting to grow into their role. I would like to see them continue to further develop their leadership.”

Symonds continued to highlight the important aspects of being a leader, especially in terms of building relationships as well as growing as players’ and people.

“As a leadership group these four women will not only develop the Senior Women but also the younger ones coming through,” Symonds revealed.

“It’s important that the four are able to compromise with each player and feel confident in giving feedback throughout training and games.

“Approaching Season 2018, they (Leadership Group) have a clearer understanding of what is required to be successful at state league level and have had more time to be prepared and to build relationships.

“Overall, I am looking forward to seeing how the leaders approach 2018 and can’t wait to see them develop as not only players but people also.”

2018 Norwood FC Women’s Leadership Group

Rebekka McMahon (C)

Leach Cutting (VC) (Absent In Image)

Whitney Benson (VC)

Tess Baxter

Norwood FC faces North Adelaide in Round 1 of the Statewide Super Women’s League at Coopers Stadium on February 3. First bounce 2:10pm. 

Photo by: John Emery

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