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1/03/2017 4:01:02 PM

Newly promoted captain of the Norwood Football Club, Jace Bode, says he is ready and excited for the challenge of leading out the Redlegs and in particular, striving for Premiership success in 2017.

Bode, who shared the captaincy with Alex Georgiou in 2016, is humbled and honoured to take over the reins and is now formerly addressed as Norwood FC’s 56th captain.

“It’s obviously a huge honour and very humbling,” said Bode.

“If you look at the list of previous Norwood Captains, which I have been fortunate enough to play under; James Gallagher, Kieron McGuiness and Alexis Georgiou, are all fantastic names and there is real heart and soul leadership within those players.

“So, I’m really honoured and flattered to be along them on that list, and hopefully I can strive to be just as good as them.”

The 2016 Season was a difficult one for the 29-year-old, but Bode claims that 2017 is looking promising and believes the team is slowly coming together in preparation for Round 1 against North Adelaide.

“If they dished out Premierships in January we would be right up there,” said Bode.

“We have been working really hard and we are looking really fit. Our times in the 2KM time trials have been really impressive and the times we have averaged this preseason are a lot better than in the past.

“So, if we keep up this early preseason form, we should enter the home and away season full of confidence and ready to compete for Premiership success.”

Bode also went on to praise the newest players and also in particular the younger players, particularly mentioning how well they have conformed and bought into the key values which head-coach Jarrod Cotton has instilled.

“We speak about everyone being leaders, it doesn’t matter if it’s me with the title, the other leaders in the leadership group, or if your player 55,” said Bode. We expect that you come in, play your role and that you demand exactly what I do of you and what Cottsy (Jarrod Cotton) does.

“I think that’s something which is going to take us forward. If we can build up leadership in everyone, it will help us in striving our main goal of winning a Premiership.

“I think that’s something that we have lacked in the past, we haven’t had enough on field leaders.

“But I am really passionate about developing our younger guys so that the clubs in good stead once I am gone.”

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