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Open letter from President Paul Di Iulio
28/03/2017 11:27:59 AM

An open letter from Paul Di Iulio President of the Norwood Football Club

I am writing to update Members regarding the progress on the proposed Wolf Blass Community Centre at Coopers Stadium.  I am conscious that our Members may have read or heard various conflicting reports on the current situation so I am writing to fill Members in on the current state of play.  In short, great progress has been made however we have a few remaining minor but important issues to work through before we kick off construction.

Firstly, the independent statutory body DAC (Development Assessment Commission) approved the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peter’s application for the development in December 2016, which is great news!

Through that process residents had the opportunity to lodge comment, ask for clarification or object to the proposed development.

There weren’t many and most were handled by listening, talking and the Football Club making adjustments to address the concerns raised.  I’d particularly like to acknowledge the residents in Woods Street for their engagement and good faith in these discussions and the Council for supporting the Football Club and residents through that process.

The DAC approval for the Community Centre has since been appealed by two other local residents.  Their objections are generally confined to the operation of the new facility – rather than the built form or scale of the new stand.

The two residents are asking the Environment Resources and Development Court to impose more restrictive requirements on the operation of the Community Centre and the Council is defending DAC’s approval.

While the Wolf Blass Community Centre will house the Norwood Football Club it will also be a Community Centre. It is planned to be available to schools, businesses, charities and families with both the Football Club and the Council wanting to maximise the community benefit from the construction and operation of the new facility.

Secondly, it is our ambition to raise $5.5 million to make this a top class community facility in all respects. To date we have been guaranteed or raised almost $5 million thanks to the support of The City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters, SANFL, Wolf Blass, the Federal Government, Jo and Bill Cooper and a number of other major donors, however we still have just over $500,000 to go.

While our ‘Build the Fort’ Fundraising Committee have a number of major fundraising events planned to close this gap, Members and supporters of the Football Club can still get involved.  Our new picket fence has been installed and you can buy your very own ‘named picket’ for $250. This along with any donation to ‘Build The Fort’ is fully tax deductible. You can arrange this by going to our fundraising website  or by phoning the Club on 8362 6278.

Although we are going through the process to resolve the remaining issues, we are very excited about the prospects of creating a fantastic new Community Centre at Coopers Stadium. I am confident the final outcome will be a great one for the local Community and the Football Club.

The season has already started for our inaugural Women’s Team who are doing our Club proud. Our men start at Coopers Stadium on Friday 7 April at 7.20 pm, I hope to see you there.

If you would like any further information or wish to discuss the development further, please contact the Club on 8362 6278.

Yours sincerely

Paul Di Iulio

President Norwood Football Club

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