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Norwood FC Women’s Head Coach, Steve Symonds, says excitement is building in anticipation for Friday night’s inaugural SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League match against North Adelaide.

After what has been a hectic six weeks for the Norwood women’s side, Symonds states there is finally light at the end of tunnel, further mentioning how excited the women are finally being able to step out onto Coopers Stadium in a competitive match.  

“Our preparation for the match has been fantastic,” Symonds said.

“With only having a very short lead in time, we have tried to cram in quite a bit, however the team is coming along really well and are taking some really big strides.

“In reality to the other teams we have a bit more of a diverse group and are probably the least experienced out of all the other squads.

“However, with that, we have grouped really well and are looking forward to the opportunity which Friday night allows us to bring for everyone watching.”  

With the match only a couple of days away, Symonds hasn’t set a benchmark in terms of the exact performance which he expects however, has stated the women must deliver in terms of commitment and intensity throughout the whole of the match.

“I guess everything’s an unknown for everyone,” Symonds further explained.

“We don’t really know where we sit against the other teams, obviously, the squads have been allocated to us, so we don’t really know where everyone sits or what everyone else has done in their programs.

“So, I’ve thought one thing we have gone for is longer vision. We are trying to build a very strong culture and one that’s hopefully is going to be admired by many.

“One thing that is certain is that we expect the girls to give one hundred precent intensity and commitment for the entirety of the match.” 

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