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14/05/2012 5:57:49 PM

This week I sat down with Mark Evans, who has been playing some fantastic Football over the past 12 months and seems to have locked in a roll as the League teams medium forward. kicking 10 goals in 3 games of League this year!

Mark Evans
Home club:
Athelstone, Pembroke
Nickname (s):
Evo, Scnev, Eagle Boy

What is your favorite position on the field?
Anywhere up Forward

What do you do outside of footy?
  study commerce (2nd year), coach footy at Pembroke

What are your Goals for 2012?
to cement my place in the League team, play Finals..... and win a premiership!

Who is your sporting role model?
Tim Webber, What a man!!

Who is the biggest pest in the locker room?
Gavin Hughes! without a doubt!

When is the famous band your involved in "The B Sharps" going on Australia's got Talent?
We plan to win the next series... if were not already famous by then!

Do you have any boots that aren't red?
When the grounds start to get a bit more soggy unfortunately I'm going to have to bring out the skrew-ins that im sad to say aren't red.... but I'm looking for some!

Which of your teammates is most likely to

a) Get a job as a stand-up comic?
JD, very humorous man

b) Walk down the aisle in 2012?
Matt fuller, its only a matter of time!

c) Spend more than 15 minutes in front of the mirror?
Mitch Grigg, its tough to look that good all the time.

d) The club’s next superstar?
Trent Dumont! the kid can play!   

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