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It’s a grand old flag
It’s a high flying flag
It’s the emblem for me and for you
It’s the emblem of the team we love
The team of the Red and the Blue.
Every heart beats true for the Red and the Blue
As we sing this song to you  What do we sing? 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the Red and the Blue.

Oh the team played fine in the year 29
The Redlegs that no-one could lick, lick, lick
From the crowds first yell to the final bell
The spirit of old forty six, six, six.
Every heart beats true for the Red and the Blue
As we sing this song to you
What do we sing?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the Red and the Blue.

Original Club Song - sung to the refrain 'Air of Killarney', circa 1878

Verse I
All who love the noble game
Hear the story I proclaim,
How the Norwoods earned their fame-
How they won their glory.
First, against the Souths so strong,
Cheers went up, both loud and long;
Forward! Norwoods, red and blue.
Fair ones' smiles encourage you.

Cheer the bonny red and blue,
Cheer the colours fast and true,
Keep their colours still in view,
Forward! Men of Norwood.

Verse II
Who will e'er forget that day,
Sturdy Mac led on the play,
Giffen dashing through the fray,
Kicked first goal for Norwood?
And from thousand throats that cried,
Cleft the air up to the skies.
Forward! Norwood, red and blue.
Fair ones' eyes are watching you.


Verse III
When they met the sprightly Vics,
With their little marks and tricks,
People thought would be a fix,
Too much for the Norwoods.
Like the Souths the Vics were licked,
Traynor for us one goals kicked.
Forward! Norwoods, red and blue,
Wiry Vics you did subdue.


Verse IV
Sturdy Ports and Adelaides,
Little Parks - those knowing blades-
Kensingtons, who love the maids,
All succumbed to Norwood.
So the first year passed away,
And our men still held the sway;
Forward! Norwood, red and blue,
Beauty's lips are praising you.


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