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On Sunday afternoon the Norwood Football Club defeated South Adelaide in one of their toughest wins to date.

Not only did Norwood come out victorious by eight points, but the Redlegs broke a four-year drought away at Hickinbotham Oval as well.

Yes, it was a big win, which catapulted the club’s chances of playing finals football.

However, there is more to football.

One man took it in his stride to make the most of the opportunity to spend time with his beloved Norwood Football Club.

Maurice Pilgrim who is 68 years of age, is a Norwood FC diehard who currently lives in Bordertown, South Australia.

Maurice is one of seven children and has been a member of the Norwood Football Club since the mid 1950’s and remembers going to the football by train, from where he used to live back in Blackwood with Brian Prestwood.

Speaking to Maurice’s sister in law, Lois Pilgrim, she said that Maurice is a well-loved patron within the district he lives in and always has a smile on his face.

Lois remembers vividly that when Maurice retired, he wanted to encourage his community to recycle. Maurice had a wheel barrow and pushed it around the streets in his Norwood jumper, beanie, scarf and jacket. Maurice recycled bottles and cans for years, up until August last year when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Former Norwood FC legend Michael Aish keeps in regular contact with the Pilgrim family. Barry, Maurice’s brother and Lois for a long period of time wished that when Maurice was well enough he could come and watch Norwood play.

On the day of the game, Michael Aish along with Barry and Lois surprised Maurice who didn’t know he would be spending the match with the players and staff of the Norwood Football Club.

Maurice sung the club song with the team after the match and was part of the post-match celebrations also.

Lois mentioned that this gesture from Norwood FC allowed Maurice to achieve his lifelong wish. Not only had Maurice been a part of Norwood’s success back in the 50’s but also was acquainted with the current players such as Jace Bode and his favourite player Anthony Wilson.

Maurice since Sunday, hasn’t stopped reminiscing about the experience he encountered on the weekend.

Lois Pilgrim, mentioned that she was entirely grateful for what the football club did for Maurice who lived his lifelong dream on the weekend.

“You just don’t know how much thrill everyone in the rooms gave Maurice,” Lois said.

“The respect and the love they showed him was amazing.

“It’s just a wonderful club are with fantastic people who are caring, and would do anything for anyone.

We would like to thank the club from the bottom of our hearts for helping make Maurice’s’ day so special.”


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