Published on: Jul 06 2017 | Author: georgia |

We have had many premiership heroes over the clubs 140 season history, few players though have been a part of an era quite like that of the 2012, 13 and 14 premierships like our current leadership group.

Tim Webber, Brady Dawe and Ben Jefferies are three of those men who have contributed to the on field success of the Norwood Football Club, playing vital roles in all three of the most recent Red & Blue Premierships.

The players were given the opportunity recently to help contribute to the club off field as well with the purchase of their own personal picket of which the leaders of the Club once again took the opportunity to make sure that the Club came first.

Tim took the opportunity to commemorate the strength of the Norwood group with the NFC motto Fortis in Procella and the three premiership years 2012, 13, 14.

Brady chose to recognise those that have supported him in his Norwood journey, with his immediate and extended family as well as a touching tribute to Veronica “Ronnie” Hatchard who was Brady’s Player Sponsor for nearly a decade. Brady would often have dinner at Ronnie’s house and would always visit her at the match, a truly great local football club relationship.

Ben also chose to attribute his picket to his family with “The Jefferies Family” taking pride of place on picket #1388 for the rest of time.

Many people have already recognised those that have made their time at the Norwood Football Club as special as it has been and with Pickets are still available for purchase for $250 with the full amount being tax deductible via the Australian Sports Foundation, you can also add to the legacy of the Redlegs.

To purchase your own picket, click here.

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