Published on: Jun 20 2017 | Author: georgia |

Dear Members and Supporters,

It has been brought to my attention that a group of our supporters have been extremely abusive to the umpires over recent weeks, during and post matches. I appreciate the emotional nature of our sport and encourage the unwavering support that our members and supporters provide our Club and its players. However, it is not acceptable to offer abusive language and threating remarks to umpires, match officials or players. Whilst we may all have an opinion regarding the performance of any individual we should never lose sight that we are all human beings, we are all capable of making mistakes and most importantly we should respect that umpiring is an integral part of the game. I would like it clearly understood that we as a Club do not and will not condone such behaviour. In the event that this antisocial behaviour continues we will reserve the right to take immediate action against those individuals involved. Please be assured the success of a club requires the absolute investment of its players, staff, members and supporters united and disciplined in its endeavours to reach the ultimate goal.

James Fantasia

CEO Norwood Football Club

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