McKenzie: “Nothing beats footy on the Parade”

Published on: May 03 2017 | Author: jeaton |

McKenzie: “Nothing beats footy on the Parade”

Former North Melbourne off-season recruit Brad McKenzie, said the decision to join the Norwood Football Club was made a lot easier courtesy of two key factors; mateship and the lure of playing football on the Parade in 2017.

McKenzie, who arrived at the Redlegs from North in the summer, stated that even when playing football in Melbourne, many people spoke highly of the Norwood Football Club.

“I played with Trent Dumont (former Redleg) over at North Melbourne, and every time I spoke to him about Norwood he always had such good words about the club mentioning how all the boys there were great,” McKenzie said.

“I’m really good mates with Anthony Giannini, Alex Forster and a couple of the other boys that I already knew, which definitely made the decision a little bit easier.

“So, obviously from an outsider’s perspective on what people had told me about Norwood made the decision easy. As well as the fact that I have always lived around the Parade and footy on the Parade is fantastic to watch.

“I want a fresh start in my footy and that’s why I wanted to be at Norwood.”

Speaking about his aspirations on both a personal and team level for 2017, McKenzie stated that personally he’s looking forward to enjoying his football, while on a team level.

“On a personal level, I am just looking to enjoy my football,” said McKenzie.

Coming back from an unlucky injury in the preseason to play his first game for the Redlegs, McKenzie has a strong focus for his first season at the Parade.

“All of my coaches in the past have said you must enjoy your football. So, when I am enjoying my footy, I play my best.

“So, I’m just looking forward to being able to enjoy myelf and allowing that to reflect in how I play”.

Since arriving at the Redlegs, McKenzie has praised new Head Coach Jarrod Cotton, stating how knowledgeable he is as a coach.

“I’ve absolutely love working with Cotts (Cotton), I reckon he’s probably the best coach I have had and I haven’t even started my season yet,” McKenzie explained.

“He (Cotton) is very knowledgeable, he’s obviously been at the Crows for a few years so he knows his stuff.

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