Norwood Football Club 1878 – 2018 Exhibition

Published on: Oct 26 2017 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

As a part our 140th year in 2018, the Norwood football Club’s History Committee is sponsoring a campaign named the ‘Norwood Football Club 1878 – 2018 : Exhibition’. In order for this to go ahead, members of the public have the opportunity to vote through the website

In doing this, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote in order for the committee to get the green light in terms of funding and look at displaying a Norwood Football Club Museum in 2018.

How do I vote?

1. Go to
2. Register to vote either with Facebook, twitter or email
3. Peg your location to vote for projects in your local area
4. Enter your email address and mobile phone number to vote with a sms code
5. All voters must vote for a minimum of 3 projects up to a maximum of 5 projects
6. All voters MUST be minimum 18 years of age

For more information on our projects and to VOTE, please follow this link:


If you have any questions or queries feel free to call the club or email the Norwood Football Club.

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