Norwood Participation Review 2017

Published on: Dec 21 2017 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

The Norwood Football Club sets out to improve skills, teamwork and satisfaction throughout our schooling (primary and secondary) and club networks across our zone. In 2017 Norwood Football Club promoted and delivered engaging and fun programs to over 19,740 participants throughout the Norwood Zone, making us Number 1 in the state for participation.

The success of 2017 also saw the development of new initiatives, such as the first Norwood U10’s 9-a-side carnival curtain raiser for the Norwood vs. Adelaide Crows League match. The carnival brought together eight teams from clubs across our zone, where all sides gave kids the opportunity to play two matches on Coopers Stadium before a League match – an offer that was used by over 100 participants in its first roll out.

Norwood was able to continue its record heavy involvement in primary schools throughout our zone, providing clinics, centres and programs that engaged every participant and provided a fun football environment in over 45 schools. This heavy presence in primary schools saw fantastic numbers translate across into our introductory football program AUSKICK, seeing participant numbers climb over 700 – a massive increase.

Building on this strength in the primary sector we were able to build on the booming market that is women’s football by providing specialized football programs to secondary female students at Mary MacKillop and St Ignatius schools to great success. Understanding these growing markets Norwood Football Club invested heavily in getting senior players and junior coaches in assisting our relationship with Adelaide East Learning Centre. This saw dedicated training sessions leading up to a penultimate 9-a-side carnival for the Disabled held at Henley High School.

These developments in general participation are all very exciting and seemed to show a tangible result in our development programs. We saw a large pool of talent try out for our U13, U14 & U15 programs during the year, which ultimately saw very pleasing results across all three grades, with our U15 Metro side in fact winning the intra-state championships for the first time since 2002.

Seeing all these fantastic improvements in the delivery of football this year, the Norwood Football Club would like to deeply thank all school/metropolitan club delegates for their promotion and offering of assistance to the Norwood programs over the year, whether logistical or physical. Special thanks must so to go to those generous volunteers who helped run centres, programs and clinics alongside our Norwood Football Club players and coaches – it was clear the participants all benefited from these diverse offerings. Finally we must extend our thanks to our Development Squad coaches for their time and effort in developing the next generation of Norwood footballers.

We are very pleased with our success during 2017 and are excited to see Norwood deliver more programs across Adelaide in 2018, bringing our great sport to more people than ever.

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