Partnership Opportunities

The Business of Norwood in 2018

At Norwood, we believe that off field success can only be attained if those who are supporting the Club believe they are getting a good return on their investment. Whilst we know that many people are very passionate and generous in their support of our great Club, we are determined to never take this passion for granted.

In a corporate sense this means that we must work hard to understand what our sponsors need to achieve from their association with Norwood, and provide them with tailored opportunities to meet their desired outcomes. We must always deliver on our promises, and realise that corporate support for the Norwood Football Club must equate to more than a generous donation. We must establish clear, measurable outcomes with our corporate partners and work hand in hand to achieve them.

We are also strong believers in supporting those who support Norwood.

We aim to actively promote our corporate sponsors to the broader Redlegs membership and supporter base at every opportunity, and in turn encourage them to seek out those companies that financially support the Club. The NFC Website, On Line Business Directory, Norwood FC App, Email blasts, Networking Functions, and Text Campaigns are all vehicles we use to promote this important relationship.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Norwood Football Club in Season 2018.


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