Redlegs Foundation


The Redlegs Foundation Limited (Foundation) exists for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to former players, coaches, administrators, volunteers and life members of the Norwood Football Club who have “fallen on hard times” and are in need of financial assistance for:

  • medical operations and treatments;
  • rehabilitation equipment;
  • nursing home equipment;
  • grants;
  • counselling;
  • social contact through visits, cards, and telephone calls;
  • professional and welfare advice; and

The Foundation promotes and supports public fund raising events for the above.  (Refer to clause 3.1 of the Constitution of the Foundation).

Strategy for providing financial assistance

The Foundation has a strategy for pursuing its purpose and objects as contemplated by clause 3.2 of the Foundation’s Constitution, which is to:

identify and distribute funds to financially assist individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria, being, in broad terms, that they suffer injury and/or illness and have insufficient financial resources to obtain the services or assistance they need to maintain a modest standard of living.

Fund raising and financial management

The Foundation develops its financial resources by raising funds from the public and the Norwood Football Club community through convening fund raising events, such as a gala ball to launch the Foundation, and by accepting donations care of publicity drawn from the Norwood Football Club and other sources.  The funds raised by the Foundation are applied in accordance with clause 4 of the Constitution of the Foundation, being solely towards the promotion of the Foundation’s objects.

In addition, the funds raised by the Foundation are invested to seek to provide the highest return to the Foundation with lowest risk.  All investment decisions are approved by resolution of the board.

Applications for financial assistance

The Foundation draws upon its links and contacts (and those of the Norwood Football Club) to encourage individuals in need to submit an application form for a grant of financial assistance.

Application forms for grants of financial assistance are submitted to the Foundation as a need arises.  The application form requires each applicant to provide personal financial information, including income, assets and liabilities, which information is retained and considered by the board confidentially.  Applicants are also required to give information such as details of their needs, treatments and how their quality of life may be improved by a grant of financial assistance.  The Foundation’s board convenes and assesses each application against confidential eligibility criteria.  It then passes resolutions in respect of the outcome of its decision on each application.  If an application is successful in meeting the eligibility criteria, the relevant applicant is offered a grant of financial assistance to enable him or her to obtain services or assistance relevant to the applicant’s individual circumstances.

From time to time the Foundation may also distribute goods to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria where goods that are appropriate to the applicant’s needs have been donated to the Foundation.

Anticipated outcomes of the financial assistance

To maintain a moderate standard of living, the Foundation anticipates that successful applicants will apply financial assistance granted to services such as:

  • medical;
  • physical rehabilitation;
  • financial;
  • general counselling;
  • psychological;
  • spiritual;
  • equipment and facility assistance;
  • employment;
  • emotional support and social contact;
  • legal; and
  • funeral arrangements.

Currency of Strategy

This strategy is current and effective as at 29 September 2011 and may, in accordance with clause 3.2(b) of the Constitution of the Foundation, be varied by the Foundation from time to time.

The Redlegs Foundation Board is;
Ross Dillon – Chairman
Ben Seekamp – Treasurer
Grant Dalwood – Secretary
Max Pfitzner
Rick Neagle
Dr. Terry Farquharson
Carlo Calabrese
Loretta Reynolds

Contact Points for the Foundation (not the full Board)

by phone;

Ross Dillon          0418 836 055 (Chairman)
Max Pfitzner        0411 886 450
Grant Dalwood   0412 692 600 (Secretary)
Rick Neagle         0431 704 074
Dr Terry Farquharson 0419 032 348


[email protected]
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or by post,

To the Secretary
Redlegs Foundation Ltd
c/o 4 Woods St
Norwood  SA  5067

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