Surman enjoying life at Norwood

Published on: Jun 19 2018 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

NORWOOD gun forward Luke Surman says the decision to return home to Adelaide and play for the Redlegs has rejuvenated his love for football again.

The unndoubtedly talented Surman moved back home to Adelaide last year after spending 18 months with the Hawthorn Football Club.

Since returning, Surman has taken full control of the Redlegs forward line booting 15 goals in seven games.

Speaking to Surman he says his time in Melbourne at Hawthorn allowed him to grow and understand the real importance of life as well as playing football.

Surman went onto mention that the key to playing football isn’t just about making a good impression all the time, but taking time out to create relationships with teammates and coaches in order to build a good foundation as a person and as a player.

“The main thing I took from my time in Melbourne is that it is just footy,” Surman said.

“I think when I went over there I was pretty hell bent on doing everything I could to make a good impression and do all the right things.

“But I think the biggest thing I learnt is that it’s more about what you can do with the relationships within the club and building a good foundation with your teammates more so than necessarily using just talent.

“I think talent can get put to the side a bit if you’re not mentally confident in your own abilities.

“Overall, it’s probably more of a roller coaster than anything throughout a football season and obviously when being injured it’s about staying positive and staying focused on ensuring I am back out there as soon as possible.”

Surman continued to heap praise on the club suggesting that it’s played a major factor in developing his love for football again saying the relationships he has built so far has translated into his rise as a footballer.

“The club has been fantastic to me right from the get go,” said Surman.

“I had a sit down when I first got back with Cotts (Jarrod Cotton) and Rossy (Mark Ross) and we just spoke about the possibility of coming out to some trainings over the summer.

“For me it was nice to come into a club that was welcoming and really wanted me to be a part of its future, but also Cotts and Rossy instilled faith in my ability as a player more so than what I had at that point.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time so far and hopefully I can get back as soon as I can to make an impact torwards the back half of Season 2018.”


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