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Ahead of Norwood FC’s encounter with Adelaide FC at Coopers Stadium on Sunday afternoon, Norwood’s Media Writer Joseph Marciano has provided the key statistics for the clash.

At Coopers Stadium Adelaide FC have won the last four encounters and Norwood the previous three.

In the last meeting, Myles Poholke scored the match winner in the last seconds, gifting Adelaide a two-point win.

In the last meeting Brady Dawe, Anthony Giannini and Lewis Johnston kicked three goals each.

Former Crows midfielder Mitch Grigg starred against his former side. He managed to accumulate 33 disposals including six tackles and a goal.

Crows midfielder Harrison Wigg also had a standout game. Wigg had 30 disposals including six inside 50’s and two goals.

Norwood FC currently sit fourth on equal points with Sturt and Port Adelaide who sit in second and third.

Adelaide FC have lost their past three matches losing to Port Magpies, Glenelg and Sturt.


2017 Round Nine, Adelaide FC 15.9 (99) d Norwood 15.7 (97), Coopers Stadium
2016 Round 20, Adelaide FC 18.10 (118) d Norwood 11.10 (76), Coopers Stadium
2016 Round 11, Adelaide FC 14.16 (100) d Norwood 7.11 (53), Coopers Stadium
2015 Round 16, Adelaide FC 14.10 (94) d Norwood 8.17 (65) at Coopers Stadium
2015 Round Six, Norwood 12.15 (87) d Adelaide FC 6.9 (45), Coopers Stadium

Team: Norwood
Match: Coopers Stadium
Game Date: Sunday 23rd July 2017


Position Name # Name # Name #
Backs B.Jefferies 28 C.Shenton 25 P.Levicki 43
Half Backs B.McKenzie 7 A.Georgiou 39 J.Bode 15
Centreline A.Kirwan 38 M.Grigg 8 M.Nunn 14
Half Forwards M.Panos 4 B.Dawe 30 D.Terlich 10
Forwards A.Wilson 20 L.Johnston 5 P.Bampton 3
Followers S.Baulderstone 18 K.Roocke 2 M.Fuller 36
Interchange E.Smart 42 M.Bower 17 T.Forster 19
H.Viney 13 C.Olsson 37

In:  E.Smart (Rec), L.Johnston


VENUE Coopers Stadium
From – Astbury Atkinson Bailey
Ball Breden B.Carroll
Chandler L.Charlton J.Coles
Collins Dawson Douglass
Draper Gerloff Giro
Hewson Jarvis Joseph
Kennerley T.Martin Nield
North Petty Pisani
Saywell Valente

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