Tim Webber Announces Retirement

Published on: Sep 08 2017 | Author: jeaton |

Norwood FC Champion Tim Webber has announced his retirement from the SANFL, effective after the Redlegs Elimination Final loss to Central District.

Webber announced his retirement to the playing group on Saturday afternoon as well as to the coaches and staff of Norwood.

The tough midfielder played a vital role in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Premierships upon donning the red and blue 125 times since 2009.

Webber’s midfield grunt and genuine hunger for the football saw him recognised as a consistent performer across his career, along with being rewarded as the winner of the 2012 Woods medal.

Speaking to Webber after the Elimination Final, he mentioned that he was fairly certain that season 2017 was going to be his last. Webber struggled with injuries this season restricting him to just 12 games.

“Before the season started I was fairly sure it was going to be my last,” said Webber.

“As the season went on the injuries started piling up, which played a part in my decision.

“But overall, I didn’t contemplate retirement at all before the season started.

Formerly known as ‘Doc’ by his teammates, Webber started with the Norwood Football Club straight after high school and has been in the Redlegs system for ten years since debuting in 2007 for the reserves.

“I basically came to the club straight after school and have been at the club for ten years now,” said Webber.

“Over the years I have met some really good people and have had some really good success at this Football Club,

“So, I’d like thank all my coaches, teammates and family members for helping and supporting me throughout this journey.”

Webber went onto state that he is still eager to help out around the club, however in what capacity he isn’t sure just yet.

“I am definitely keen to stay involved in some way around the football club,” Webber continued.

“I’ll have a chat to Cottsy (Jarrod Cotton) at some stage in the next few weeks to see in what way I can help,”

“I’ll definitely be around in some capacity, but as to what I’ll be doing is unclear until I speak to the coaching staff and see how they can fit me in.”



Timothy Paul Webber Career Statistics

Games: 125 League/57 Reserves

Guernsey Number: 23, 43, 52

First Reserve Game: 2007

First League Game: 2009

Goals: 20

Premiership Honours: 2012, 2013, 2014

Debut: v West Adelaide (Norwood) 27th June 2009

South Australian Games: 1

Woods Medallist: 2012


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