Wilson ready for SANFL Fast Footy

Published on: Jan 18 2018 | Author: Joseph Marciano |

Norwood Football Club speedster, Anthony Wilson said he is raring to go as he prepares for the first edition of Australian Unity Fast Footy.

Wilson formerly known as ‘Rabbs’ is looking forward to showcasing his skills at Norwood Oval as he plans on exciting the many who attend with his pace and eye for goal.

Speaking to Wilson, he told norwoodfc.com.au he was looking forward to the concept as a whole paying particular attention to the free flowing nature to score.

“The scoring aspect of Fast Footy is something which has really caught my attention,” said Wilson.

“When you play 18 a field you get caught in congestion a fair bit and it’s obviously not as easy to score and create opportunities.

“So for me the high scoring aspect is something I am really looking forward to seeing, among watching a couple of younger guys have a go.”

When asked about which attributes would be best suited to SANFL Fast Footy, Wilson mentioned that it would assist to have pace however declared being fit would have a serious competitive advantage in terms of getting around the field.

“I guess they call it ‘Fast Footy’ for a reason, but I think if you’re super fit you’ll come out on top as well,” Wilson explained.

“I think there is a lot of space to cover with only 12 players per side. I think especially the faster type of players will be great in space, but the fitter ones will be the real engine and spine in this format.

“I think also the taller type of players such as Brady Dawe and Lewis Johnston will suit this format with plenty of room to lead into to kick goals.

“Overall though I can’t wait to actually see what it looks like in a real life situation, it should be entertaining whether playing or watching.”

From SANFL Website:

Australian Unity Fast Footy

February 9-10 

Norwood Oval – Free Entry

12 matches to be played across two days – four on Friday February 9 and eight on Saturday February 10
* Each match consists of four 10-minute quarters
* First team to score 50 points or team in front at final siren wins
* Penalty shoot-out finale from 30m in front of goal to decide winning team if scores tied at final siren
* 12 players per team on the field – four midfielders, four forwards and four defenders
* Unlimited interchanges. Interchanges occur at points in each sector of the ground (midfield, forward, back)
* 9 points awarded for any goal kicked from outside 50m arc
* Ball to be kicked in after any score, goal or behind
* Ball to remain in play if rebounds off a goal or point post
* Last TOUCH

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