2021 Norwood FC Memberships On-Sale Now!

Season 2021 is not too far away and what a year we have planned!

The upcoming season holds plenty of promise as it sees a changing of the guard with new Coach Jade Rawlings in charge for the first time at the Parade. Not only will we see a change of Coach in our men’s program but also in our Women’s program, as we welcome back Mat Creeper to the football club to lead our Senior Women’s side.

We also welcome a host of new recruits to the football club, as they look to add excitement and flair to the side in 2021. We have acquired new ruckman, Michael Knoll, AFL returning junior, Jacob Kennerley, three-time AFL Premiership player and favourite son, Paul Puopolo, as well as Matt Vardanega and Mitch Cotter. Our new facility, the Wolf Blass Community Centre is up and running which adds a host of new facilities and experiences for all supporters.

We look forward to seeing our Redleg Army out in force – supporting both our Men’s and Women’s teams as they aim for the ultimate success in 2021.

Members are the lifeblood of any football club and we encourage you to jump on board and become a Norwood member in 2021!

Becoming a Norwood Member gains you some great benefits, including:

  • Entry to see the Redlegs in action
  • Special discounts and members offers
  • Loads of value within each membership pack

Meanwhile, you also know you’ve played a vital role in supporting the growth of our football programs – both senior and junior, men and women!

Now is the perfect time to get on board and sign up to the team we love! Does your heartbeat true……?

Below is an extensive outline regarding the changes in membership packages for 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic forced upon the football club, we ask all members to read and understand the changes especially if you are a Western Stand Seat holder. Membership packages can be found on the button below!

Changes to Membership 2021:

Due to COVID 19 and the restrictions, the Norwood Football Club has made some significant changes to a number of membership categories and entitlements. It is always the goal of the club to deliver a high level of value to members across all membership types and with this in mind we have had to remove a number of items that we are not in a position to deliver due to COVID 19 restrictions. Where possible we have tried to introduce new benefits to replace the ones that cannot be delivered.

The Club understands that some of these changes may be frustrating for members who have become accustomed to them, unfortunately, if we are to have spectators at games we have to operate under the guidelines enforced by SA Health and all of these changes are necessary and law in a COVID world.

Memberships that have included access to Half Time Functions.

Due to COVID-19 regulations including the number of people allowed in a certain space and the serving of food and beverage, the Norwood Football Club is unable to proceed with the traditional format of Half Time Functions in 2021.

We understand complimentary food and beverage was an important part of Mates, Captains and Legends club memberships, therefore, we will introduce a new Redlegs currency loaded onto a membership card that can be used at any canteen or bar in Coopers Stadium. FIP Coin (Fortis In Procella Coin) will include complimentary in Mates, Captains and Legends club memberships to the value of $100 and is intended to replace the complimentary food and beverages previously provided at half time functions. Members will be able to top up on FIP coin allowing for cashless and contactless transactions everywhere within Coopers Stadium.

Who has access to FIP Coin (Fortis in Procella Coin)

The members who receive FIP Coin as part of their membership are:

  • Mates Membership
  • Captains Club
  • Legends Club

All other members and supporters will be able to purchase a FIP Coin card and purchase FIP coin to be loaded onto their card.  Apart from supporting cashless and contactless transactions everywhere within Coopers Stadium, another benefit of using FIP coin is that we will provide users promotions, discounts and surprise giveaways relevant to your previous purchases preferences, creating an improved and unique member experience at Coopers stadium.

What about Captains Club events across the season?

Under current COVID 19 restrictions, The Norwood Football Club cannot host events that cater for the number of members in this category. As mentioned it is the focus of the club to deliver on the benefits promised and with the uncertainty of how long restrictions will be in place, the club has opted to remove these until such time we can be certain of delivering such benefits.

Subject to COVID restrictions, the club is looking at other ways we can deliver value for Captains Club members such as complimentary food and beverage in the new Premiers Bar and Norwood Function Room at the Wolf Blass Community Centre. We will be making further announcements accordingly when we can and COVID Restrictions permit.

Western Stand Seating

Under COVID 19 restrictions The Norwood Football Club has had to manage the number of people within various areas of Coopers Stadium, including the Western Stand which is the only area currently with allocated reserved seating. With only a portion of the seats able to be occupied, the club is faced with a very difficult task of how to provide western access for over 800 current seat holders when COVID 19 will only permit 250 in the stand at any one time. Things may improve with reduced restrictions however we must plan for all scenarios.

We are exploring the limited options available under current restrictions and obviously keeping a close eye on changes to restrictions, however with the need to release membership categories for 2021 we have had to assume the ability to deliver and guarantee reserved western stand seating as not possible.

The following will now apply:

  • The Western stand will become a General Admission system with access into the stand available for qualifying members who have the necessary entry pass. Once admitted, members can sit in any seat (unless marked reserved for match day purposes) but must adhere to COVID restrictions EG – one seat spare between each member.
  • Entry passes will need to be reserved by qualifying members by Tuesday 3 pm before each home match game. This reservation process is still to be finalised but will require qualifying members to indicate they are attending the match and if successful members will pay $10 for the seat and they will be emailed a western stand entry pass for use at the upcoming game only.
  • Current western stand seat holders will be given first opportunity to become a qualifying member and retain western stand entitlement subject to the reservation process.
  • Across all home games, the club will endeavour to introduce a process that is fair and allows an even spread of access to all qualifying members.
  • Attendance at the pre-match function will provide western stand access to those that wish to use it for that match only.
  • Legends Club membership will provide western stand access for each game
  • Matchday staff and coaches from both clubs requiring it to undertake their roles will be provided Western Stand Access for each game.
  • Corporate Box holders will be provided Western Stand access for each game
  • Media and SANFL match day operations staff will be provided Western Stand access for each game
  • Elderly Members with special needs that are current western stand seat holders will be catered for within the new proves. Further details to follow.

There still are many variables to be worked through and with COVID restrictions always changing it may be some time before things are finalised and a procedure communicated.

With memberships now live and with all the above in mind the club would like to communicate the following:

  • Guaranteed Reserved Western Stand seating is unavailable to purchase with any membership category apart from Legends Club
  • All other member categories have been adjusted accordingly by reducing price and adjusting benefits.
  • If you currently hold a western stand seat, you can become a member who qualifies to reserve western stand access by renewing your Captains Club, Mates or “Plus” type membership before January 31st, 2021. Built into each membership is a $30 cost to secure western stand entitlement subject to the new reservation process. This reservation process is still to be finalised but will require qualifying members to indicate they are attending the match and if successful members will pay $10 for the seat and they will be emailed a western stand entry pass for use at the upcoming game only.

Further details and conditions will be communicated when possible and assessed ongoing subject to the changing COVID 19 restrictions.

Captains Club Membership:

Supporters can purchase a straight Captains Club Membership for $540.00. This $540.00 gets you all the benefits of a Captain Club Membership but does not give you access to Western Stand Seats.

Why is Captains Club and Plus Memberships $30 less in 2021?

The Captains Club membership and Plus memberships in 2021 will be priced at $30 less. A Western Stand seat costs $60 for the season ($6 each for 10 home games). Unfortunately, the club cannot guarantee reserved Western Stand Seats for the season, however, the club has given members the option to buy these memberships and the $30 component gives entitlements to reserve a Western Stand seat subject to the process described.

There are membership options that do not contain the $30 available if you do not wish to secure western stand entitlement and become a qualifying member.

What happens If COVID 19 restrictions are completely lifted?

Our advice is that this is very unlikely and that the new norm will always include a level of restrictions. However, the club is committed to delivering the best value to members and best fan experience possible so we will continue to adjust where possible.

As we come into season 2021, we are planning according to the information available and the restrictions in place. To be ready for season 2021 we must make decisions now and in the lead up to the season that is final in allowing for effective planning and preparation. We ask that members be patient and support the club in what is very challenging times to operate under.  We will do our best to be fair and reasonable to all members under rules and regulations that we have no choice but to operate as best we can under.

Entry to the Wolf Blass Community Centre on Match Days:

The Norwood Football Club is currently working through the process of access to the Wolf Blass Community Centre on match days. The Premiers Bar will be open for the public; however, the club will keep all members posted.

Norwood Football Club 2021 Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I am a renewing member?

Any 2020 member that purchases a membership for the 2021 SANFL Season is considered a renewing member.

When will I receive my membership pack?

If you purchased a 2021 Membership prior to mid-February 2021 you can expect to receive your pack between Late February and end of March. If you purchased after mid-February 2021 you can expect to receive your 2-3 weeks after the time of purchase. It is the intention of the club to ensure all members receive their member packs prior to season commencement. In the event this is not the case, entry tickets to any match usually covered by your membership will be made available until you receive your packs and relevant season tickets.

It is mid-March 2021 and it has been more than 3 weeks since I purchased and I still have not received my Membership?

There are many factors at the start of a season as to why you may not have received your membership. We cannot send packs until we receive your home match and season tickets from the SANFL, so there may be a hold up with us receiving these. Also, there may be a delay from our supplier of items in the membership packs. If you have concerns and its past mid-March 2021, please call 8362 6278 for any questions you might have on the status of your membership pack and for an updated date you can expect to receive your pack.

What is a valid concession?

Holders of a current Pension Card (aged, senior or disability) or Veteran Affairs Card are eligible, as well as students who hold a full-time Student Card for 2021. Please notify the club of your concession type and relevant card number on application to avoid any delays in receiving your 2021 membership.

All concession home match ticket or season ticket members must have identification available for presentation upon entry on match day when requested whilst at the ground.

Does my membership grant me access to away games?

If you have purchased a membership that includes entry to both Home and Away matches you will be able to attend all Norwood Football Club Home and Away matches.

Why should I register an email address?

The Norwood Football Club is always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Eliminating the need for printing and paper is just one way we do so, therefore things like membership confirmation information and Tax Invoices are sent by email.

Email also allows for a more timely and efficient way to communicate with members. Please assist us by providing your email address when completing your membership application form and we will be able to keep you updated on the latest news from the club which will include unique content, special offers including any member specials. You will be able to opt-out from any of our email communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of our emails.

How can I update my personal and payment details?

To update your member details, log onto your online account or contact the membership team on 1300 465 347. Your login information is set-up when your first become a member or purchase merchandise online and provided to you in the email confirmation to the email address provided by you.

What discount do I get on membership?

Members receive 10% off all official merchandise online and when purchasing in our merchandise shop and game day booth.

Does my membership get me into SANFLW games?

SANFLW games are free of charge – all you need to do is walk in and enjoy the game.

Does my membership get me into trial games?

All SANFL trial games are free entry to any member or non-member.

Where can I become a member or get further membership information?


If you would like to purchase a membership please call our membership team on 1300 465 347 or the club office on 8362 6278 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Click here to find out more information about the membership packages available for the 2021 Season.

Disabled Car Parks

Disabled parking for Coopers Stadium Events is located on Wood Street opposite Gate 4, the Wally Miller Gates.