Apelle Moments that Matter

The Norwood Football Club is excited to be launching one of our newest segments – the Apelle Moments that Matter! These are the moments in the game voted by the coaches as team first acts which had a significant bearing on the result of the game that often goes unnoticed such as tackles, smothers, chase downs, courageous acts and more. Each week in partnership with our platinum partner Apelle, we will highlight three moments that the coaches have indicated as the moments that mattered for the fans to comment and share.

Thanks to Apelle, the player who is recognised the most for featuring in the Apelle Moments will be dressed in Apelle sports apparel to the value of $500. Each month we will also randomly select one fan who comments on the Apelle moments regularly to win a month free personal training at the Norwood Football Club with our very own Harry Boyd! Harry runs sessions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:00am and is a great way to meet new people and get fit!

Every Friday we will release the Apelle moments from the week before and we encourage all supporters to participate in this fantastic new segment!

Apelle Moments Round 10

Apelle Moments Round 9

Apelle Moments Round 8

Apelle Moments Round 7

Apelle Moments Round 6

Apelle Moments Round 5

Apelle Moments Round 4

Apelle Moments Round 2

Apelle Moments Round 1