Coaches and Officials

Jade Rawlings

Senior Coach

Jade Rawlings was appointed the Senior Coach of the Norwood Football Club in November 2020.

League/Reserves Coaches:

Senior Assistant Coach: Rob Harding
League Assistant Coach: James Saywell
League Forwards Coach: Nathan Woods
League Midfield Coach: Stephen Carr
League Defence Coach: Brian Zanker

Reserves Coaches:

Reserves Assistant Coach – Backs:              TBC
Reserves Assistant Coach – Midfield:         Adam Smith
Reserves Assistant Coach – Forwards:       Jordan Storey

Senior Medical & Fitness Staff

Club Doctor: Andrew MacDonald
Club Doctor: Dr Simon Vanlint
Physiotherapist: Tyler Goldstone and Kerry Bungey
Head Trainer: Shayne Faulkner
Chiropractor: Micheal Eid
Trainer: Martin Faulkner
Trainer: Shayne Faulkner
Trainer: Deb Ide
Trainer: Darren Matheson
Trainer: Samara Turner
Trainer: Kayla Hinrichsen
Trainer: Sophie Gameau
Trainer: Adriano Monterosso
Trainer: Ella Vanehouse
Injury Management Coordinator: Donna Rhook
Property Manager: Gavin Goodfellow
League Team Manager: Marc Robinson
Reserves Team Manager: Paul Mettner


Mathew Creeper

SANFLW Head Coach

Women's Coaches:

Head Coach: Mathew Creeper
League Senior Assistant Coach: Brendan O’Donnell
League Midfield Coach: Brad Snell
League Defence Coach: Greg Dearman
League Forward Coach: Shane Lynch

Development League Head Coach: Simon Butler
Development League Midfield Coach: Jericho John
Development League Defence Coach: Dan Hussey
Development League Forward Coach: Kelly Rossi
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Taylah Jack
Team Manager: Ashleigh Young
Head Trainer: Denis Sella-Gianot


Head Statistician: Peter Mansfield
Stats/Whiteboard: Peter Borgelt
Statistician: Thomas Woodcock
Statistician: David Kempe
Statistician: Grant Ashby