Coopers Stadium

After 23 years in the competition, the Redlegs at last found a permanent home at Norwood Oval. The club had played home matches on the east parklands from 1878, before moving to Kensington (1882) and finally to the Jubilee Oval (1898). Not until the 1890s was Clarke’s Vineyard in the heart of Norwood, earmarked as a recreation ground by a private company. This was developed as Norwood Oval and was taken over by the Kensington and Norwood Council in 1905.

The Norwood Football Club established its home matches there from 1901 and the Norwood Oval soon became “hallowed turf” to all true Redleg supporters as well as being utilised as a major SANFL venue. The oval was used for night football from the 1950s and was the scene of Norwood’s triumph over East Perth in the 1977 National Football League grand final.

Norwood Oval is popularly referred to as ‘the Parade’, and now also ‘Coopers Stadium’.