Dear Member,

Thank you for signing up in 2024. Without your membership, our football club could not exist, members like you really are the lifeblood of our footy club.

Membership brings expectation and hope. Expectation that the players prepare well and give everything they can, training after training, match after match… effort after effort. Without this the ultimate success we all hope for would not be possible.

As our senior coach Jade ‘Twig’ Rawlings said in the video you just watched, the players are giving a huge amount of effort. They have been at it for 16 weeks, 80 sessions and 1000s of hours just to be ready for Round 1. As a member you expect this, the harder they work, the better they get! Similar can be said for membership. The more members the stronger our club gets! We all know it, but do we demand it of each other like we demand it of our players?

We all want a Norwood Football Club that is super-fit on and off the field – players getting stronger and stronger, and a membership base that is getting stronger and stronger! This being the case, let’s all take up the challenge and demand of ourselves another effort like we expect from our players.

One more effort will find one more member, but only if we demand of ourselves what we demand of the players.

Sign up mum, dad, sister, brother, son or daughter. Maybe your effort is to give a birthday gift that lasts a whole season or maybe it’s bringing back a mate who hasn’t been a member for a few years. However you make it happen, it’s one small effort for you, one giant leap for Norwood!!

Fortis (Strength) is in our DNA and our club grows stronger with every member, so let’s all move into 2024 together, and make just one more effort to make us stronger. FORTIS 24 – One Effort More.


  • A Stronger Norwood Football Club
  • A new member to enjoy watching the footy with
  • A Stronger Norwood Football Club
  • Acknowledgement in the weekly FORTIS 24 members update
  • A Stronger Norwood Football Club
  • Acknowledgement with FORTIS 24 honour page
  • A Stronger Norwood Football Club
  • Your place on the exclusive FORTIS 24 jumper to be worn by the team in the last home game in 2024!


  • Identify a new potential member
  • Get them to our membership site (here) and take out any type of membership


  • Make it a certainty and sign them up yourself as a gift or favour (be sure to put in their details not yours)
  • When “checking out” from buying the membership be sure to…
    • Expand the Additional Information section and ensure you or the new member enters your detail (Full Name, Mobile) in the FORTIS 24 – One Effort More section so we can track that it was your effort to sign them up.

The new member will then be sent their membership pack and you will join the FORTIS 24 Club …. A club for members that gave One Effort More to make our club stronger!

Ensure you or the new member enters your details (Full Name, Mobile)  in the FORTIS 24 – One Effort More section when checking out.

Each week we will update the FORTIS 24 honour page and our Member Update email acknowledging the new FORTIS 24 members who gave One Effort More!

As a member you expect the players to give effort after effort after effort, now demand it of yourself to give just One Effort More and help our football club get stronger and back above 4000 members.

Like the ultimate success, it’s possible, but only if we all give One Effort More.

FORTIS 24 – One Effort More

FORTIS 24 honour list


Kevin Mounsey

Cressida O’Hanlon

Peter Seekamp

Jim Michalanney

Nick Jackman

Warren James Foster

Mike C Stock

Brenton Klaebe

Kym Schwark

Rik Morris

Roderick McDonald

Jeff Hall

Sean Keenihan