Boundary Side Barrel | R12 Norwood v Sturt

Premiers Bar

Treat yourself and your guests to the best seats in the house, the Coopers Stadium Boundary Side Barrels.

When booking a Barrel each of the 5 reserved seats around the Barrel are reserved inside the picketed area. All barrels come with a wide umbrella so you will be covered under the sun or in the rain.

Once booked we will have your guests’ names on a list at the Wolf Blass Community Centre entrance (Glass Doors) where you can enter and receive your wrist band granting barrel access all evening.

If you and others attending are a member, please have your member barcode scanned to ensure you are able to receive any SANFL benefits associated with your card for regular attendance across the season.

You can arrive anytime you want from 12:30pm onwards, however from 1:30pm onwards all guests will be served an assortment of 10 Coopers beverages in an ice bucket for consumption as part of your package. Alternatively, you can choose a package which includes a mix of Coopers Beer and Barossa Boy Wines of the same value. Please indicate your choice upon booking.

The choices of Coopers beverages include:

  • DRY

The choices of Barossa Boy Wines include:


At halftime you will be served a Platter of Pies with Tomato Sauce on the side and Serving of Wedges with Sweet Chili and Sour Cream to cater for up to 5 people.

Additional Food and drinks can be purchased at your convenience at any other time

The cost of the package is $300 and must be prebooked online before the match.

NOTE – Only 3 Barrels available to be booked for each game so get in quick!

Enjoy the game and Go The Legs!