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Ethan Schwerdt takes out 2km time trial

NORWOOD youngster Ethan Schwerdt has taken out Norwood’s’ 2km time trial, narrowly edging out Isaac Saywell in perfect conditions at the Uni Loop on Saturday morning.

Norwood returned to training last Wednesday and have hit the ground running under the guidance of new Senior Coach, Jade Rawlings.

Impressive defender/midfielder Nick Pedro finished third in the time trial with returning redleg Jacob Kennerley finishing fourth and Tristan Binder finishing fifth.

The top five all finished with impressive times under 6:20, which shows the intent and hunger shown by this emerging group of players.

Speaking to Norwood media, Schwerdt said it was pleasing several players achieved the goals they set for themselves ahead of the time trial.

“The time trial as a whole was fantastic,” said Schwerdt.

“The conditions were excellent, and all the boys seemed fairly excited to see how their offseason running was.

“There were a lot of good runners Saturday. We all came back in fantastic nick and, a lot of us have come back and run good times, and times we were looking for.”

Schwerdt said he was relishing the opportunity to work with Jade Rawlings in the Senior program and said he and a lot of the emerging youngsters are enjoying the step up in the training intensity.

“We’re all enjoying training at the moment,” Schwerdt said.

“It’s a step up for a lot of us younger guys just with the professionalism and intensity, but we love being included and part of the program in 2021.

“Jade has been super accepting of us younger players and makes us feel a part of the squad which we absolutely love.

“A lot of us aim to put our best foot forward this year to not only improve but allow us to gain more exposure within the senior set-up.”

2021 Time Trial – Top Five

  1. Ethan Schwerdt
  2. Isaac Saywell
  3. Nick Pedro
  4. Jacob Kennerley
  5. Tristan Binder