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Michael Knoll named Coach of Under 18s

The Norwood Football Club is excited to announce former ruckman Michael Knoll and Craig Roberts as its Head Coaches for the U18s and U16s Centre of Excellence programs for 2022.

After chalking up 15 games for the Redlegs in 2021, Knoll was forced to retire due to an ongoing knee injury.

The former ruckman brings experience after spending time at South Adelaide and in the AFL system at the Sydney Swans.

Norwood People, Culture and Pathways Manager Rick Shrowder said Knoll’s new role came off the back of a strong desire to teach and nurture the young talent coming through the ranks.

“Michael expressed an interest in being involved in coaching with young people when his playing time was going to be up,” Shrowder said.

“We as a football club were super keen and excited to get him involved in some capacity and we think he has an enormous amount to offer for that young age group based on his experience.

“When the opportunity came up for an Under 18s role, he was very interested, we went through the due process with several candidates, however, Michael stood out and was impressive in the way he sees the game and what he would like to do with young people moving forward.

“We look forward to supporting Michael’s development in this role and working with him to ensure a successful year for everyone in the program.”

Former ruckman Michael Knoll expressed his excitement in taking up the role and said he was looking forward to being involved as a Coach in a strong football club like Norwood.

“First and foremost, I love footy, and love being involved in a really good football club,” said Knoll.

“Now stepping away from playing, I have had some experience this year coaching at Christian Brothers College which I really enjoyed.

“At CBC I worked alongside the First 18 Coach in skill development amongst also coaching their year eight-team which I loved.

“This just increased my hunger and passion to coach at a higher level, which allows me to still stay involved at a great club like Norwood and help that next generation of players coming through.”

Craig Roberts will continue as Under 16s Coach in 2022.

Craig Roberts will again continue in his third year coaching the Under 16s.

Shrowder continued his praise for Roberts who will again bring a wealth of knowledge to the role as the Under 16s for the very first time will play a full season of football in 2022.

“It’s a really exciting re-appointment for the football club,” said Shrowder.

“We know what we are getting with Craig as he is extremely loyal, hardworking and has a really strong passion for development with that age group and below.

“We are very excited to keep Craig in that role and look forward to working with him for a full season in 2022.”

The club would also like to thank Chris O’Connor for his two years as Head Coach of the U18s, we wish him all the best for his new ventures in 2022.

2022 Centre of Excellence Coaches:

Michael Knoll – Under 18s Head Coach
Craig Roberts – Under 16s Head Coach

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