Wheelchair League

NFC Wheelchair Match Report – Round 1

Tough start for the opening round against last year’s Premiers Sturt. We knew it was going to be extremely hard with some key players out this week and also introducing three debutants, but we still gave our absolute all.

Our defence had its toughest challenge in round one trying to keep Sturt’s strong forwards in check, not an easy task. However considering this, there were moments in the game where we were able to break through their defence and set up our forwards for some much-needed goals, including Rick Shrowder in his maiden game.

We will take what we can out of this game, learn from and work towards Round two against Centrals on Wednesday, August 3rd at the John McVeigty Centre.


STURT: 134


GOALS: McNamara 2, Shrowder 2, Leonard