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Norwood announce increased partnership with Schiavello

The Norwood Football Club is pleased to announce a new partnership with builders Schiavello, as the club partners with another prominent business in South Australia.

The Redlegs welcome Schiavello on board as part of a two-year agreement that will see their branding appear on the front right of club’s guernsey on game day.

Norwood Chief Executive Officer James Fantasia said the club was looking forward to continuing the relationship between the Redlegs and Schiavello.

“It is an exciting time when you can welcome a new partner to the club,” said Mr Fantasia.

“We are very grateful for Schiavello putting their support behind our football programs, as well as the job they are doing with our new facility the Wolf Blass Community Centre.

“We are looking forward to creating a strong relationship and sharing the journey of the upcoming season and beyond together.”

Luke Steele, Schiavello State Manager said it was an easy decision to get behind the Norwood Football Club Club after seeing the club’s contribution to the NPSP Council and Community overall.

“For us, we have a pretty good appreciation for what the Norwood Football Club contributes to the NPSP Council and that whole precinct of communities throughout that area,” said Mr Steele.

“The attraction of being with a community club like Norwood is something we are pretty passionate about.

“Being part of the Wolf Blass Community Centre, we now understand what this project will do for the Norwood area, as it gives people a place to enjoy supporting their community.

“Being committed to our new partnership with Norwood who hold those same community values, is really exciting and we look forward to building a closer relationship with the club over the coming years.”