Past Player of the Week

Past Player of the Week – Doug Olds

Wartime competition 1942-1944
Norwood-North games: 3
Norwood-North goals: 3

Douglas William Olds was a brilliant wingman, and is regarded as one of Norwood’s best ever footballers. At 162cm, he was one of the smallest men to play league football, let alone represent his State. A clever, determined footballer with explosive pace, Doug Olds was a great exponent of the stab-kick and drop-kick, and was noted for his accuracy in finding leading forwards with his pinpoint disposal.

An apprentice in the printing trade, he moved from Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula as a 17 year-old, and played his first senior game in 1944 for the combined  Norwood-North team in the wartime Patriotic League. In his first season, Olds played for both the Norwood-North league side and the Colts team.

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