Past Player of the Week

Past Player of the Week – George McKee

In 1885, George McKee was recruited from the Creswick Football Club which at the time was playing in the Adelaide and Suburban League. Known as ‘Geordie’, it was his small stature which first attracted attention as he stood at just 5 feet and weighed in at 10 stone 9 pounds. (153cm and 67.5kg) It became obvious that what he lacked in height and weight he more than made up for in skill, pace and guile.

The press often referred to him as, “Little McKee.” They also sang his praises and wrote of his rare turn of speed, his ability to take brilliant marks and his cunning.
George was an integral part of a highly successful Norwood side. He played in three premierships and in October 1888 played three games in one week against reigning Victorian premiers, South Melbourne at Kensington Oval. Norwood won all three, thereby claiming the title of Champions of Australia.

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