R4 Teams – SANFLW, Development League & Trials

It’s going to be a big night at Coopers Stadium on Friday when Norwood takes on Woodville-West Torrens in a SANFLW First Nations Round clash.

Captain Ali Ferrall will play her 50th SANFLW game, Norwood will run out in First Nations guernseys designed by player Tesharna Maher, and the Redlegs will also welcome back Port Adelaide AFLW listed players Sachi Syme and Hannah Dunn.

Rosette Zerella comes back into the team after missing Round 3 through injury, while Rosie Boon and Ebony O’Dea have also been recalled into the SANFLW side.

Alana Lishmund and Grace Mulvahil will miss with ankle injuries, Tahlita Buethke is unwell, while Elle Lineage and Kiana Lee will return to the Development League side.

The Development League game between the Redlegs and Eagles will get underway from 5:30pm, followed by the SANFLW clash at 7:30pm. Entry is free.

To make the stakes even higher on the field, both Norwood and Woodville-West Torrens will be searching for their first wins of Season 2023.

The Redlegs have suffered three agonisingly close defeats in their three SANFLW games so far, going down to North Adelaide (two points), South Adelaide (five points) and Central District (two points).

Norwood’s Development League side sits on top of the ladder following three strong wins against the Roosters, Panthers and Bulldogs, but will have a challenge on their hands this week against the second placed Eagles.

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Men’s Trials:

League – Friday, March 17. 7:40pm – Norwood V Woodville-West Torrens at Thebarton Oval

Team: Lowe, Panos, Donnelly, Morris, Rokahr, Hamilton, Kennerley, Jarvis, Ball, Nunn, Lowden, Ling, Tranfa, Sanders, Spence, Wilkins, Hodge, Boyd, Wright, Surman, Saywell, Lok, Stingel, Binder

Reserves – Friday, March 17. 5pm – Norwood V Woodville-West Torrens at Thebarton Oval

Team: Taheny, Graham, Pascoe, Hodge, Warburton, Cresswell, Saywell, Nehme, Dnistriansky, Rahui, Bradford, Evans, Blacker, Walls, Kent, Robinson, Pitt, Nicholls, Gale, Minervini, Pedler, Allen, Hyde, Strickland, Chiswell

Development League - Norwood V Eagles. March 17, 5:30pm