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Red and Blue (The Norwood Song)

Life-long Norwood supporter and country music singer Matt Ward has penned a song about our very own Football Club, titled Red and Blue (The Norwood Song).

Ward – whose family have had more than 120 year history in Norwood through Wards Shoe Store – has performed around Australia and the US, but last year turned his attention to a new project close to his heart – writing and recording Red and Blue (The Norwood Song).

“My family has had a long history with Norwood Football Club and the community,” Ward said.

“I have very fond memories in the ’80s as a little kid, helping my Dad close up the shoe store at lunch time and we’d walk down to Norwood Oval and watch the game.

“I remember standing on Coopers Hill, smelling Escort Reds and beer and just having a great time.”

Ward said he had been hoping to write a “Norwood Song” for a number of years, and eventually put pen to paper in July last year.

“I wanted to combine the club, the community and my family all in the one song, that’s what has inspired it,” he said.

“I was down in Tasmania with my producer Matt Fell last year and that was in the lead up to the 2022 Premiership, that’s when the process began.

“It was special to be able to work with the club to produce this song for the fans and the community – I have had great feedback so far with many people telling me that it reminds them of their time at the club.

“The club is such a warm, safe and inclusive place and I know how much this club means to a lot of people.”

Ward said the song “wrote itself” when he began the process.

“Song writing is an interesting one, sometimes it is quite a labouring process and other times it flows,” he said.

“I remember, I laid on the floor and thought ‘it’s time to write this Norwood Song’ and the first memory I thought of was meeting my mates on The Parade and walking down to the Oval.

“That was a good start and it just wrote itself from there.”

Ward’s favourite player, Norwood great Garry McIntosh is mentioned.

“When I was younger I had a duffle coat which had the number 14 on the back for ‘Macca’ and I know how many people hold him in high esteem – I had to give a shout out to him,” he said.

Ward lived in Texas, USA throughout 2017 but continued to keep a close eye on Norwood results, and since returning to Adelaide is a regular visitor to The Parade on game day.

“There is nothing better on a Saturday afternoon or Friday night than walking down The Parade, and catching up with mates up the footy,” he said.

“Whilst you are travelling, on the road and living abroad that routine of checking the results and following their successes is really important.

“The club is incredibly important to me.”

The song is available on Spotify, Apple Music and the music video (below) is on YouTube.