NFC Junior Reports

Round 10 Underage Match Reports

Under 18s Report:

After beating the top of the table North Adelaide last week, we knew that North would come back ready to play when we played them again on Saturday morning. We competed hard in the first half and scores were level at the main break, however, the Roosters got the better of us in the second half. Kicking 6 goals 13 behinds was a disappointing result for our Redlegs and prevented us from putting any serious scoreboard pressure on. Losing the tackle count by over 20 shows that the Roosters were able to work harder around the ball which resulted in them taking the game.

Tom Laas was a standout for Norwood kicking 3.2 and finishing the match with 16 disposals. Josh Bradford also competed hard throughout the day, finishing with 22 disposals, 9 clearances and 5 tackles. Wilksch and Blacker were also standouts for the Redlegs, finishing with 18 and 17 disposals respectively.

Norwood U18 have a great battle ahead in our round 11 match up with West Adelaide. With both teams being on five wins and five losses, the winner shall go one game ahead and secure a spot in the top four. The inclusion of our college players will help bolster our stocks as we select our best side for the game.

Michael Knoll


NORWOOD: 0.3 2.9 4.11 6.13 (49)

NORTH ADELAIDE: 2.2 2.3 8.6 11.8 (74)

BEST: Bradford, Laas, Wilksch, Blacker, Rachwal

GOALS: Laas 3, Rachwal, Mu, Pitt

Under 16s Report:

On the weekend we took on the Roosters again, in a weird competition we had to play them twice in two weeks. We knew the weather was coming so it was going to be a real slog.

Over the last four weeks, I feel we have grown as a team, even though people will look at the results and go how. During this block, we managed to play around 8-10 EP kids and on the weekend we had eight x U/15s play. We are forced to do this due to the college system but we treat it with a great opportunity to educate and have kids play that you can tell are really excited to play for the Norwood Football Club.

We can focus on the score but really want to touch on our third quarter. North Adelaide is sitting on top of the ladder, we went out with a really positive mindset and not only matched it in the third quarter but felt we controlled the game. A key area for us is contested ball, we won the quarter by 10. Over the current weeks, we have been smashed in this area. We also evened the tackles which is another little goal for us.

We have a big game against West Adelaide at The Parade on Friday night, if we bring the right attitude we can snatch this one. Anthony Mustaca was outstanding again, we felt that Jake Hill and Brayden Sims gave us some strength around the ball. Our 2 new debutants from our 15s Bailey Stringer and Devlin Hussey were able to be exposed to the next level and can hold their heads high.


NORWOOD: 1.1 1.1 3.7 3.8 (26)

NORTH ADELAIDE: 2.4 5.6 7.6 12.9 (81)

BEST: Mustaca, Kirchofer, Hill, Kelly

GOALS: Kelly 2, Wood