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“The Club Expects to be Good” – Rawlings

INCOMING Norwood Coach Jade Rawlings says he brings a wealth of experience and a strong footy IQ to the Parade in Season 2021.

Speaking to Channel 7 Adelaide on Wednesday, Rawlings believes his 20 plus year experience in the AFL as a player and coach will hold him in good stead as he embarks on his journey with the Norwood Football Club in 2021.

“I love the cut and thrust of being a decision maker,” Rawlings told Seven network on Wednesday.

“I love bringing groups of people together and I love being able to have a brand of footy that’s identifiable which people can look at and really relate to in particular our members and supporters.”

After missing the finals last season, the Norwood faithful are no doubt keen to return to September action, which is the passion incoming Coach Rawlings loves about the Norwood supporter base.

“The thing that really endeared me towards the club is that it expects to be good,” Rawlings said.

“That’s something that really appealed to me in the fact they don’t expect to be middle of the road.

“The Norwood supporters have shown how passionate they are about their club; and there’s been so many parts of this job that’s endeared me to be part of a genuine club that has a passionate and driven supporter base like Norwood.