Match Report

U18 Match Review Round 9 vs North Adelaide

Round nine was a disappointing performance and one that the boys will stew over and learn from for the remainder of the year.

Being smashed in every KPI we pride ourselves on – we were non-competitive and disinterested against a desperate North Adelaide side. Despite this, only an inaccurate last term (kicking 2.5) stopped us from pinching the win. Unfortunately, we did not finish in front of goal and got what we deserved on the day. After clearly not preparing the lads well enough, I have completed a thorough review of the performance and we will learn from our mistakes. We have no intention of underperforming like that again, but we can’t fix the past, we can only focus on what is next and what we are willing to do to improve.

Bailey Gal’s efforts down back to provide overlap and a physical edge that was sorely missed elsewhere had him as clear best on the ground. With him, EP based Billy Haebich gave his everything to take the game on and use the ball. This week we travel to an in-form Woodville desperate to redeem ourselves and show everyone what we can do.


NORWOOD FC: 1.0 4.2 4.4 6.9 (45)

NORTH ADELAIDE: 2.2 5.4 6.8 7.9 (51)

GOALS: Maunder 2, Duke, Nelligan, Roberts, Scali

BEST: Bailey Gal, Billy Haebich