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Welcome Adelaide’s Future Health Fitness

We’ve got a very exciting new business partner! Adelaide’s Future Health Fitness will be helping us get players into peak condition for the 2020 season.

Future Health Fitness runs a body scanning service that’ll give us full body composition data including fat mass and muscle mass, circumference measurements from all over the body, and posture analysis. We’ll be using Future Health Fitness to track how a group of our players change physically before and during the season. The body composition data will show our training and performance staff who’s working hard and who might have enjoyed the summer break a little too much! It’ll let us balance strength and weight better than ever. We used to rely on caliper testing which was time-consuming and inaccurate. A 35-second scan to get better, and far more data sounds pretty good for our trainers!

“We’re getting a stack of useful data from the scans. We’ll be writing better training programs for our players before and during the season because of what we’re seeing,” said Football Operations Manager Mark Ross.

We’re particularly excited about the injury prevention potential of the scanning system. The circumference measurements and posture analysis let us identify potential problems before they happen. We can see muscular imbalances where one side of the body might have developed more than the other, something particularly common after injury, or other posture problems from over-working some muscle groups. The scanning system can measure between any two points on the body to let us see It’s our goal to reduce injuries during the season and lengthen the career of our players.

Future Health Fitness CEO Alex McConville said “It’s been a fantastic learning experience with the Norwood Football Club. We’re using the scanners in so many different ways to benefit these young athletes. It’s our goal to get them match-fit and help them stay injury-free for the 2020 season.”

Future Health Fitness scan the general public and corporate clients as well as sports teams like us. Head over to the Future Health Fitness website to find out more about their services.