Wheelchair League

Wheelchair Match Report – Round 5

Another win last Friday night, we are now 3 wins and 2 losses as we head into some very hard and important games. Please see my report below.

Round 5 was held Friday night against Central Districts Football Club. With the inclusion of some new players, we knew this was going to be a very quick and fast game. To come away with another win was a credit to all.

The scoreboard may not reflect how much of a defensive game this was as we had to work extremely hard to get the opportunity to put the goals on the board.  This game was not won in any particular part of the ground and was a complete full team performance where we were all put under pressure. When Centrals did get the ball they were very clean and that made our backs work even harder to defend. The backline and mid’s then had to be precise to get the football back through the middle to where the forwards were, again always under pressure. We had to maintain our focus throughout the whole match as we knew how quickly this game could turn.

We now head into the busiest week of the fixture with 3 high intense games in just 5 days. Sturt is next for us on Wednesday night and we know how tall, fast and clean they are. They are currently undefeated therefore we want to remain competitive, knowing what we can do and applying the pressure.


NORWOOD: 13.5 83

CENTRALS: 4.4 28