Fortis in Procella Army

On March 20th the Norwood Football Club put a call out to all supporters to rally and get behind the club during these difficult months ahead caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus – To show FORTIS IN PROCELLA (Strength in Adversity).

An amazing story of commitment and loyalty has been the response and what is one of the most challenging chapters in our club’s history is also now also one of the proudest. 2685 items have been purchased from the FORTIS IN PROCELLA merchandise range to help our footy club and the FORTIS IN PROCELLA ARMY (named below) is now officially 2031 Norwood soldiers who will all march as one with pride when we return to Coopers Stadium. The FORTIS IN PROCELLA army photo in front of the Sir Edwin Smith stand will be an awesome sight, one to be immortalised forever in our new clubrooms, capturing those who stood in defiance and helped get our great club through this time.

To all of you who purchased the club says thank you. You and your nominated names will go into battle with the Norwood League side on a unique FORTIS IN PROCELLA jumper worn in our first game back. The players will wear the jumper with pride and humility in recognition of and thanks to those that contributed STRENGTH IN ADVERSITY for the club during these challenging times. The same names will also feature on the FORTIS IN PROCELLA GUERNSEY many of you have pre-ordered and still available for sale in the Norwood Merchandise Shop.

Norwood supporters you the most committed, passionate and loyal, the best there is. Your support of The FORTIS IN PROCELLA merchandise range has been simply amazing. You can continue to purchase from the range and gain all the other benefits that come with a purchase. Order your piece of history by clicking here.

Thank you again Norwood Supporters, the best in Football – FORTIS IN PROCELLA

Thankyou to:

Brad Abbott
Damian Abdilla
Elizabeth Abraham
Jonathan Abraham
Harry Achenbach
David Adams
Doug Adams
Lisa Adams
Nicholas Adams
Robert Adams
Tyler Adams
Christopher Adey
Mark Ahl
Andrew Aish
Michael Aish
David Aistrope
Gary Alby Menzel
James Alexander
Stephen Allchurch
Damien Allen
John Allen
Ben Allevi
Joseph Allevi
Roberto Allevi
Tony Allevi
Zach Allevi
Joel Allison
Liam Allison
Scott Allison
Tyler Allison
Gregory Ambrose-Pearce
Jd Ambrose-Pearce
Lucas Ambrose-Pearce
Archer Anderson
Jodie Anderson
Robert Anderson
Robert Andri
Alex Antic
Charlie Antic
Corinne Antic
Holly Antic
Lachlan Antic
Nick Antic
Ral Antic
Vicki Antic
Steven Antonello
Geoffrey Appelt
Stephen Arblaster
Steve Arblaster
Damon Archer
Michael Ardlie
Blake Armstrong
Craig Armstrong
Summer Armstrong
Carmel Arnold
Hannah Arnold
John Arnold
Michael Arnold
Michael Arruzza
John Arthur
Grant Ashby
Malcolm Ashwood
Eugene Atkinson
Lisa Atoney
Andrew Aubert
Bronwyn Aubert
Chloe Aubert
Clinton Aubert
Malvern Aubert
John Auld
Samuel Auld
Douglas Austin
Susan Babidge
Winifred Bacon
Christopher Bailey
Liam Bailey
Sharon Bailey
Martin Baker
Oliver Baker
Peter Baker
Stephen Baldock
Oscar Ballard
Neil Balme
Geoffrey Banks
Joshua Banks
Sean Banks
Elizabeth Bannister
Geoff Bannister
Joan Bannister
John Bannister
James Barbara
Noah Barbara
Anthony Barber
Ana Barisic
Aish Barker
Amanda Barker
Brad Barker
Bridie Barker
Darryl Barker
Mason Barker
Paige Barker
Shane Barker
Sue Barker
Teegan Barker
Alex Barnett
Brenton Barnett
Dash Barnett
Gregory Barnett
Hannah Barr
Lisa Barr
Allan Barrett
Aidan Barry
Brian Barry
Nicole Barry
Paul Barry
Sean Barry
David Bartel
Matthew Bartemucci
Sam Bartemucci
Sante Bartemucci
Neil Barton
Richard Bastian
Janette Baulderstone
Tim Baulderstone
David Baverstock
Eden Bayly
Loreta Bean
Craig Beatty
Gail Beaumont
Stuart Bee
Malcolm Bell
Nigel Bennett
Paul Bennett
Rachael Bennett
Christopher Bennetts
Luke Bennetts
Mark Bennetts
Stephen Bennetts
Zel Bennetts
Barry Benton
Colin Best
Kevin Bew
Anthony Bickle
Claire Biddiss
Kevin Biddle
Robert Bills
Charmaine Binns
Matthew Binns
Joshua Bird
Wayne Bird
David Bishop
Ayla Blaskett
Kirstie Blaskett
Zeke Blaskett
Wolf Blass
Marianne Block
Kate Boccaccio
Andrew Boden
James Boden
Scott Boden
Gareth Bodmer
Dean Bogisch
William Bohlin
Alison Boland
John Boland
Brad Bone
Jane Bonner
Slugger Bonython
Peter Borgelt
Anne Borillo
Joe Borillo
Eric Bowels
Maureen Bowels
Stephen Bowen
Lachlan Bowman
Stuart Bown
Joshua Boxer
Allan Boyd
Phillip Boyle
Thomas Bradford
Ruby Bragg
Tave Bragg
Yvette Braithwaite-Bragg
Chris Branson
Peter Brass
Elmor Braunack
Lyn Braunack
Chris Bray
Jack Bray
Michael Bray
Noel Bray
Jasmine Brett
Samuel Brett
Garth Briffa
Graham Briffa
James Briffa
Luke Briffa
Cheryl Briggs
Greg Briggs
Greg Brimble
Jarrod Brimble
Kerry Brimble
Reece Brimble
Denis Brion
Fraser Brion
Joan Brion
Kelsey Brion
Riley Brion
Duncan Brockhoff
Imogen Brogan
Lara Brougham
Adrian Brown
Alan Brown
Alma Brown
Campbell Brown
Chris Brown
David Brown
Graham Brown
Helen Brown
Mark Brown
Matthew Brown
Michael Brown
Peter Brown
Rowan Brown
Tim Brown
Zara Brown
Leah Browne
David Bryant
Hayley Bryant
Melissa Bryant
Deborah Buckett
Nola Buckham
Brian Bullock
Hayden Bullock
Enrico Buratto
Helen Burgan
Grant Burge
Helen Burge
Jessica Burge
Tilly Burge
Trent Burge
Simon Burgess
Harley Burnell
Michael Burns
Peggy Burns
David Burrow
Rebecca Burton
Connor Butcher
Eloise Butcher
John Butcher
Tayla Butcher
Graham Butt
Peter Butterfield
Adam Button
Steven Byrne
Philippa Byrnes
Barry Caddle
Brenton Caddle
Geoff Caddle
Harper Caddle
Kelly Caddle
Maria Caddle
Michael Caddle
Violet Caddle
Colin Cairns
Adam Calnan
Anthony Cameron
Rod Cameron
Sharon Cameron
Jenni Campain-Burns
Matthew Campbell
Graziano Caon
John Capaldo
Oliver Capaldo
Patrick Capaldo
Craig Carbins
Carmine Carfora
Mackinnon Cargin-Rowe
Jordan Carlsson
Paul Carlsson
Phil Carlsson
Brian Carr
David Carr
Gerald Carr
Shane Carr
Sharon Carr
Alice Carroll
Clare Carroll
Jackson Carroll
Mick Carroll
Olivia Carroll
Ruby Carroll
Shanon Carroll
Sonya Carroll
Damon Carter
Lorraine Caruso
Sam Caruso
Jeb Casanova
Judith Casburn
Rob Casburn
Melissa Casciano
Lisa Castelluzzo
Jordie Caulfield
Paul Cavallaro
Ricci Centofanti
Dana Cerone
Domenic Cerone
Domenico "Tom" Cerone
Hannah Cerone
Tony Cerone
Greg Champion
Josh Champion
Derren Champness
Ron Champness
Luke Chandler
Paul Chandler
Troy Chandler
Barry Chapman
Chris Chapman
Lewis Chapman
Sarah Chapman
Scott Chapman
Mark Charkisky
Anthony Cheel
Eden Cheel
Isaac Cheel
Peter Cheel
Merilyn Cheers
Carla Chesney
Charley Chesney
Garth Chesney
Hugh Chesney
Bree Christopher
Graham Christopher
Kelvin Christopher
Lauren Christopher
Reonaldo Cialini
Brian Clancey
Craig Clutterbuck
Daniel Cockroft
Jan Coe
John Coffey
Miriam Coffey
Sebastian Coffey
Andrew Coleman
Mark Coleman
Rex Coleman
Anthony Coles
Jeffrey Coley
Judith Coley
Michael Coley
Stephen Coley
Dawn Colgan
John Coligan
Michael Coligan
Shaun Coller
Janet Collins
Jefferey Collins
Linda Collins
Margaux Collins
Michael Collins
Roger Collins
Scott Collins
Craig Concannon
John Connell
Liam Connelly
Gregory Connolly
Jacquie Constable
Alessandra Cooling
Andrew Cooling
Francessca Cooling
Peter Cooling
Glenn Cooper
Greg Cooper
Mel Cooper
Tim Cooper
Graham Cope
Pamela Cope
Adrian Copping
Tony Coppins
Mary Coppola
Mitchell Corcoran
Amber Cotton
Dennis Cotton
Harper Cotton
Indy Cotton
Jarrod Cotton
Lesley Cotton
Lyndon Cotton
Dave Coughlin
Owen Coughlin
Stuart Coulter
Michael Coward
Anthony Cox
Ben Cox
Bruce Cox
Dee Cox
Graeme Cox
Lindsay Cox
Nathan Cox
Sue Cox
Zaffran Cox
Phill Crabb
Don Cranwell
Alicia Crettenden
Ben Crettenden
Thomas Crettenden
Maria Cronin
Phil Cronin
Gavin Crosby
Mary Crouch
Bruce Crowhurst
Deidre Crowhurst
Simon Croxton
Derek Cruickshank
Emmett Cruickshank
Mark Cruickshank
Sue Cruickshank
Neville Cruse
Andrew Cubitt
Peter Cullen
Jason Curnow
Jake Curry
John Curry
Leo Curry
Madi Curry
Paul Curry
Kenneth Dadds
Josephine Dal Pra
Matt Dale
Kenneth Dalpra
Grant Dalwood
Ian Dalwood
Brian Daniels
Jerry D'Antiochia
Jerry Dántochia
Peter Dántochia
John Darwent
Mark Davenport
Beverley Davey
Dianne Davies
Henry Davis
Jean Davis
John Davis
Kevin Davis
Owen Davis
Robyn Davis
Anthony Daw
John Daw
Paul Daw
Trap Daw
Thomas Dawkins
Andrew Dawson
William Dawson
Pellegrino De Fazio
Adrian de Souza
Gillian de Souza
Jennifer de Souza
Neville De Young
Trevor Deacon
Alan Dean
Nicholas Dean
Stephen Dean
Mitchell Dearing
Connor Decean
Robyn Decean
Gino Decorso
Ian Denham
Tim Deutscher
Matthew Deverson
Sue Devine
David Dew
Chris Di Iulio
Cristian Di Iulio
Elena Di Iulio
Fabian Di Iulio
Lisa Di Iulio
Paul Di Iulio
Siana Di Iulio
Teresa Di Iulio
Andrew Dick
Leslie Dicker
David Dickson
Tim Dickson
Anthony Diener
Hamish Dillon
Ross Dillon
Louka Dimas
David Diprose
Dennis Dixey
Tom Dixon
Valda Dixon
Wayne Dixon
Joshua Dobie
Kym Dobie
Samuel Dodd
John Doherty
Austin Donaldson
Chris Donaldson
Harriett Donaldson
Nigel Donaldson
Trevor Donaldson
Steven Donovan
Peter Dossett
Richard Douglas
Geoffrey Dowling
Lyn Dowling
Margaret Dowling
Les Dowse
Benjamin Doyle
John Doyle
Catherine Draysey
Clinton Drechsler
Connor Drechsler
Troy Drew
Mostyn Drieberg
Cathryn Drodge
Faith Drodge
Sarah Drodge
William Drodge
David Drummond
Mark Ducker
Peter Duffy
Benedict Duke
Kevin Duke
Robert Duke
Tristan Duke
Andrew Dunn
Emma Dunn
Liam Dunn
Noah Dunn
Courtney Dunsmore
Michelle Dunsmore
Graeme Dunstan
Thomas Duthy
Antonio Dymit
Christina Dymit
Diana Dymit
Lorys Eatts
Sam Eatts
Steve Eatts
Tracy Eatts
Vittorio Eberle
Dayne Edwards
Glyn Edwards
Guy Edwards
Trench Effect
Craig Egglestone
Stefan Eliseo
Garry Ellis
Rodger Ellis
Darcy Emerson
John Emery
Robert Emery
Roger Emery
Gareth Eriksson
Anthony Esposito
Callum Etheridge
James Etheridge
John Etheridge
Brian Ettridge
Ashley Evans
Barbara Evans
Lewis Evans
Sarah Evans
Shaun Evans
Neil Everett
Amy Ewer
Jonathon Ewer
David Ewings
Jeff Ewings
Jodi Ewings
Kingsley Ewings
Fred Fairhead
Henry Fairhead
Lachlan Falco
Sandy Falconer
Lisa Fallon
Kamphuis Family
Enzo Fantasia
Frank Fantasia
James Fantasia
Martha Fantasia
Tony Fantasia
Tristan Fantinel
Daniel Farmer
Darcey Farmer
Terry Farquharson
Mark Farrows
Martin Faulkner
Shayne Faulkner
Stacey Fava
Emily Fehlberg
Brent Felice
Kai Fendt
Kirsty Fendt
Kylie Fendt
Leni Fendt
Shane Fendt
Stephen Fendt
Sue Fendt
Vicki Fenemer
Oscar Fenoy
Lino Ferraro
Mia Ferraro
Brian Fiegert
Jesse Fienemann
Michael Fienemann
David Finch
Kevin Fischer
Steven Fischer
Tony Fischetti
Kevin Fisher
Stephanie Fityan
Clem Fitzgerald
Helen Fitzgerald
Norman Fitzsimons
Paul Flatman
Darren Flavel
Lachlan Fleet
Sally Fleet
Ryan Fleetwood
Dale Fleming
Jenny Fleming
Joshua Fleming
Kerry Fleming
Lachlan Fleming
Mark Fleming
Pat Fleming
Ross Fleming
David Fletcher
Jacob Fletcher
E.C.G Footer
Scott Footer
Connie Forbes
Robin Ford
Robert Forgan
Robert Forrest
Michael Forrestal
Michael Forrester
Alan Forsyth
Craig Fosdike
Tony Foster
Greg Fox
Andrew Francis
Chloe Francis
David Francis
Luke Francis
Mark Francis
Michael Francis
Robert Francis
Julie Frankcom
Richard Frankcom Burnett
Audrey Franklin
Darren Franklin
Kevin Franklin
Anthony Fredella
Joseph Frick
Sam Frick
Chiara Frith
Warren Frith
Chris Fryer
Pauline Fryer
Dwayne Fuller
Luke Furno
Evie Gage
Karen Gage
Max Gage
Sam Gage
Jack Gallagher
Martin Gallagher
Phillip Gallagher
Ellora Gallasch
Steven Gallasch
Daniel Gannon
Alec Garner
Grace Garner
Paul Garner
Anthony Garton
Beverley Garton
Paul Garton
Daniel Garuccio
Digby Gasmier
Bob Gauci
June Gauci
Carolyn Gaul
Jack Gaul
Frank Gavranich
Ren Gentilcore
Adrian George
Andrew George
Indiana George
Michael George
Oliver George
Coogie Gepp
Craig Gepp
Lisa Gerloff
George Giamalis
Phillip Giamalis
Stanley Giamalis
Andrew Gianarakis
Joanne Gibbons
Raymond Gibbons
David Gibbs
John Gibson
David Giles
Denis Giles
David Gill
Frank Gill
Paul Gillespie
Bruno Giovanniello
Alana Glapa
Slavko Glavas
Cameron Glenn
Timothy Gniel
Adam Goldfain
Ben Golding
Mandy Golding
Martin Golding
Tim Golding
Ryan Gooch
Gavin Goodfellow
Denis Goodger
Mark Gorringe
Connor Grant
Malcolm Grant
Tom Grant
Karen Grantham
Keven Gray
Gavin Green
Vern Green
Jon Gregerson
David Grieve
Gregory Griffiths
Luke Griffiths
Robert Griffiths
Maurice Grivell
Jean Grosvenor
Corey Grove
Tony Grove
Graeme Growden
Trevor Growden
Lakshman Gunaratnam
Pam Gunn
Jack Guthleben
Robert Guy
Jason Hage
Luke Hage
Sam Hage
Tayla Hage
Jade Halfpenny
Kane Halfpenny
Karina Halfpenny
Warren Halfpenny
Brenton Hall
Malcolm Hall
Andrew Hallam
Dennis Hallett
Russell Hallett
Adrian Halliday
Cathy Halliday
Tyler Halliday
Lex Hambour
Andrew Hamilton
John Hammer
Pauline Hancock
Brett Hand
Daniel Hand
Kenwyn Hand
Lachie Hand
Susan Hand
Chris Hanlan
Michael Hanlan
Hannah Hann
Jacob Hann
Lachlan Hann
Micah Hann
Pa (Jock) Hann
Samantha Hann
Scott Hann
Alice Hanna
Marshall Hanna
Kate Hannon
Thomas Hannon-Tan
Sonia Hardy
Amanda Harfield
Damien Harker
Dugald Harland
Eleanor Harland
Louis Harland
Madeleine Harland
Ottilie Harland
Rick Harley
Daryl Harper
Brad Harris
Christopher Harris
Jillian Harris
John Harris
Kylee Harris
Lillee Harris
Mackenzie Harris
Matt Harris
Sam Hartwell
Scott Hartwell
Nicholas Harvey
Steven Hassell
Michael Hawkes
Bill Hayes
James Hayward
Christopher Head
Margaret Head
Sheila Head
Christopher Heading
Grant Heading
Isaac Heading
Josephine Heading
Joshua Heading
Noah Heading
Sally Heading
Wynton Heading
Ally Hean
Dawn Hean
Les Hean
Peter Hean
Melissa Heard
Lynne Hechter
Alexander Hehir
Chris Henderson
Daniel Henderson
Will Henderson
Nadia Henriks
Ruth Henty
Andrew Herron
Darren Hersey
Terry Higginbottom
Ed Higginson
Emily Higginson
Gill Higginson
Jim Higginson
Maddy Higginson
Mary Higginson
Jennifer Hilbig
Andrew Hill
Brendan Hill
Shane Hill
Helen Hillard
Kym Hillard
Matthew Hillard
Paul Hillard
Rick Hillard
Craig Hillier
Nigel Hillier
Travis Hillier
Daryl Hilton
Kade Hilton
Ian Hitch
Michael Hobby
Paul Hockley
Mark Hodgson
David Hogg
Liam Holland
Maya Holtmann
Victoria Holtmann
Ben Homann
Paul Homann
Michael Horsnell
Aaron Hoskin
Daniela Hoskin
Julian Hoskin
Samuel Hoskin
Stella Hoskin
Chris Howie
Lauren Howie
Louise Howie
Myles Howson
Bill Hoye
Brad Hoye
Bradley Hoye
Helena Huebl
Joseph Huebl
Paul Huebl
Richard Huebl
Alan Hughes
Chloe Hughes
Isla Hughes
Joshua Hughes
Khai Hughes
Valerie Hughes
Wayne Humphries
Andrew Hunter
Aurelian Hunter
Derek Hunter
Jason Hunter
Loire Hunter
Macca Hunter
Sally Hunter
Theodore Hunter
Matthew Huppatz
Trevor Hurst
Kevin Husler
David Hussey
Corey Hutchens
Tim Hutchesson
Sue Hutchinson
Paul Huxtable
Chantelle Ianni
Anthony Icolaro
Ernesto Icolaro
Matteo Icolaro
Ian Ide
Nathan Ide
Daniel Idropico
Marcus Idropico
Fortis In Procella
Roger Ind
James Inglis
Gregory Ireland
Victor Itropico
Paul Jacka
Tate Jacka
Richard Jacob
Lesley Jakobsen
Josh James
Nathan James
Tali James
Belinda Jamieson
Betty Jamieson
Brad Jamieson
Doug Jamieson
Flynn Jamieson
Keane Jamieson
Layne Jamieson
Sonia Jamieson
Tiani-Rose Jamieson
Warren Jamieson
Adam Janda
Michael Janda
Nathan Janda
Andrew Jarman
Karen Jarman
Ben Jarrett
Colleen Jarrett
Denise Jarrett
Ray Jarrett
Peter Jarvis
Derek Jeffrey
Norm Jeffrey
Trevor Jenkin
Danny Jenkins
Norman Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins
Bobby Jennings
Erich John
Henry John Aubert
Craig Johncock
Karl Johncock
Kelly Johncock
Harry Johns
Janice Johns
Loretta Johns
Michael Johns
Andrew Johnson
Charlie Johnson
James Johnson
Sally Johnson
Sean Johnson
Susan Johnson
Mark Johnston
Peter Jolly
David Jonas
Chris Jones
Christopher Jones
Graeme Jones
Justin Jones
Stephen Jones
Thomas Jones
Nathan Joseph
Susan Kaesler
Jacquie Kamphuis
Dylan Kane
Ricky Kapperer
Serena Karalus
Anastasia Kassara
Georgia Kassara
John Kassara
Jonathan Kassara
Paul Kassara
Ian Kassebaum
Tony Keam
Chris Keane
Patrick Keane
Patsy Keenihan
Paul Keenihan
Sean Keenihan
Timothy Keenihan
Trevor Keenihan
Grant Keiller
Evan Kellaris
Jacob Keller
Justin Keller
John Kelly
Michael Kelly
Richard Kelly
Samuel Kelly
Matej Kenda
Jason Kendle
Kevern Kendle
Colin Kennealy
Marie Kennedy
Christopher Kessell
Garry Kessell
Matthew Kessell
Helen Kewal
Stephen Kidney
Andrew Killey
Cathie King
Michael King
Stewart Kingsborough
Angus Kirkmoe
Simon Kirkmoe
Abby Klaebe
Brenton Klaebe
Glenda Kleemann
Evan Klose
Adam Knight
Ashley Knight
Graham Knight
Jeffrey Knight
Matthew Knight
Chris Knowles
Peggy Knowles
Jason Kohlmorgen
Brad Kollosche
Peter Kollosche
Bill Koronis
Justin Koronis
Ken Koster
Warwick Koster
Emanule Koufalakis
Anna Kovac
Freddie Kozel
Harry Kozel
Luke Kozel
Laurie Kozlovic
Toby Krieger
Amelia Kriewaldt
Jamieson Kriewaldt
Aniela Kropinski
Raymond Kropinski
Tomas Kropinski
John La Bella
Aidan Lake
Chris Lake
Melissa Lake
Danny Lambe
Kurt Lamming
Chris Lane
John Lane
Christopher Lang
Anthony Lanzoni
Cartia Lanzoni
Stef Lanzoni
Stefan Lanzoni
Helen Laurie
Simon Laurie
Donald Law
Andrew Lawrie
Bryan Lawrie
Craig Lawrie
David Lawrie
Margaret Lawrie
Melissa Lawrie
Rebecca Lawrie
Wally Lawrie
Garry Le Duff
Jeffrey Lea
Peter Lenigas
Michael Lenthall
Colin Lewis
David Lewis
Darryl Liebelt
George Lincoln
David Lindsay
Encarnita Ling
Caelan Linke
Cimone List
Ronald List
Sam List
Sarah List
Shoko List
Stella List
Ben Livingston
Kane Livingston
Rory Livingston
Di Llewellyn
Cooper Llewelyn
Meagan Llewelyn
Darian Lobb
Anne Lock
Michael Lock
Reece Lock
Mal Lockwood
Heather Lokan
Kate Lomax
Stuart Lomax
David Lombardi
Enzo Lombardi
James Lombardi
Jordan Lorenz
Trevor Lorenz
Darren Love
Robyn Loveday
Angela Luppino
Julian Luppino
Orlando Luppino
Vince Luppino
Terry Lymberopoulos
Connie Machnik
Daniel Madden
Graeme Madden
Graham Madden
Lorraine Madden
Michael Maeorg
Samuel Mahoney
Joyce Maiden
Robert Maiolo
Natasha Maios
Peter Malik
Charlie Mansfield
Edward Mansfield
John Mansfield
Rosie Mansfield
Aron Marchegiano
Anna Marciano
Joseph Marciano
Amy Markos
Donald Markos
Ian Markos
Jamie Marks
Steven Marshall
Craig Martin
Emma-Lee Martin
Mark Martin
Molley Martin
Roger Martin
Ruby Martin
Tyler Martin
Rosanna Mascione
Trevor Mather
Brian Mathers
Cooper Matheson
Darren Matheson
Jakob Matheson
Michelle Matheson
Craig Mathew
Pete Mathews
Gabor Matoricz
Annaliese Matters
Wayne Matters
Heather Matthewman
Ray Matthewman
Stuart Matthewman
Sophia Herdina
Bruce Mattingly
Glenn Mattingly
Russell Maxwell
Chris May
Kenneth May
Andrew Mayo
Geoffrey Mayo
Anthony McAllister
Bruce McAuliffe
Beverleigh McBride
Colin McCard
Kane McCard
Robert McCarroll
Rory McClaren
Paul McCormack
Nathan McCumiskey
Bevan McDermott
Toby McDermott
Brayden McDonald
Graham McDonald
Archie McEwen
James McEwen
Sam McEwen
Leonie McFarlane
William McFarlane
Jem McGee
Chris McGowan
Jack McGowan
Janine McGowan
John McGowan
Sean McGowan
Ursula McGowan
Will McGowan
Peter McGregor
Joseph McGuinness
Michael McGuire
Garry McIntosh
Alice McKay
Charlie McKay
Kate McKay
Simon McKay
Jade McKim
Josh McKim
Andrew McKinnon
Kelvin McKinnon
John McKnight
Brett McLaren
Kay McLeod
Robert McLeod
Ralph McMutrie
Natalee Mead
Rodney Mead
Rodney Mead Snr
Christopher Meaney
Shaun Meers
Adriano Mercorella
Connor Mettner
Paul Mettner
Trevor Mettner
Carly Mewett
Debra Mewett
Garry Mewett
Kym Mewett
Paige Mewett
Robyn Mewett
Wanda Mewett
James Michalanney
Brett Mickan
Toby Mifflin
Angelo Mignone
Cassandra Mildren
Joyce Mildren
Karen Mildren
Peter Mildren
Shane Mildren
Tom Mildren
Zak Mildren
Adrian Miles
Austin Miles
David Miles
Pattie Miles
Jason Millar
David Miller
John Miller
Robert Miller
Wally Miller
Walter Miller
Alex Milligan
Andrew Milligan
Jeffrey Milton
John Minney
Craig Moffat
Alexander Moir
Christopher Moir
Anthony Molan
Brian Moody
Andrew Mooney
Daniel Mooney
Kevin Mooney
Rory Mooney
Charles Moore
Linda Moore
Louise Moore
Rod Moore
Ross Moore
Anthony Moores
Bryan Morden
Errol Moretti
Kerry Moretti
Craig Morgan
Peter Morgan
Tony Morganella
Eleftherios Morias
Craig Moritz
Ben Morris
Larry Morris
Christine Morris-Jones
Tamika Morrison
Annamaria Moschetta
John Moschetta
Nicholas Moschetta
Nicola Moschetta
Samuel Moschetta
Peter Moten
Hamish Mould
Ian Mould
Cameron Moulden
Doug Moulds
Barry Moyle
Garry Mudge
Jonathon Mudge
Marilyn Mudge
Johnathon Mudge
Joshua Munn
Sophie Munn
Robin Munro
Simon Munt
Brad Murley
Nicole Murphy
Krystal Musolino
Paul Musolino
Ivan Muster
Anthony Myers
Chloe Myers
David Myers
Julie Myers
Peter Myers
Tony Myers
Peter Nanotti
Rick Neagle
Ricky Neagle
Jeff Neale
John Neate
Jason Neave
John Needs
Grant Nelligan
Graham Nelson
Robert Neuer
Brenton Neumann
Imogen Neumann
Tracey Neumann
Carl Nevin
James Nevin
Thomas Nevin
Dianne Newell
Mark Newell
Brent Nicholas
Lynton Nicholas
Tim Nicholas
Paul Nisbet
Alyssa Noble
Matthew Noble
Thea Norton
Rodney Nottage
Lyn O'Brien
Maurice O'Brien
Michael O'Brien
Wendy O'Brien
Fiona O'Connell
Ed O'Connor
Greg O'Connor
Josh O'Connor
Richard O'Dea
Des O'Dwyer
Jackie Offen
Kerrilee Olds
Adeline Ong
Darien O'Reilly
Maxwell Ormsby
Grant Ortlepp
Aussie Osborn
Connie Osborn
Geoff Osborn
Michael Osborn
Ralph Osborne
David O'Shaughnessy
Doug O'Shaughnessy
Colleen Osmond
Len Owen
Daniel Oxford
Thomas Oxford
David Ozols
Neil Padley
Craig Paech
Jordy Paech
Megan Paech
Jeffrey Page
Neil Page
Bronnie Pahl
Justin Pailthorpe
Michael Palm
Carl Panczak
Judith Panczak
Kurt Panczak
Stefan Panczak
Ubaldo Panella
George Panos
Matt Panos
Micki Panos
Paul Panos
Viviana Panos
David Paradiso
Luisa Paradiso
Ryley Parish
Graeme Parkinson
Darren Parry
Geoff Parsons
Lee Partick
Damien Partridge
Dot Partridge
John Partridge
Andrew Pascoe
Karen Pascoe
Alexander Passaris
Aimee Patten
Craig Patten
Eve Patten
Glen Patten
Lewis Patten
Mae Patten
Barrie Patterson
Stuart Paul
Ian Payne
Chris Peacock
Marie Peacock
Che Peake
Tony Peake
Cameron Pearce
Campbell Pearce
Ricky Pearce
Brendan Peek
Sally Peglar
Craig Pengelley
Reece Pengelley
Heath Pengilly
Rowland Pengilly
Ella Penny
Julie Penny
Sean Penny
David Perkovic
Sean Perkovic
Ken Perry
Robert Perry
Mark Pertini
James Peter
Alison Peters
Andrew Peters
Colin Peters
Janis Peters
Christine Petersen
Andrew Petrides
Helen Petrides
Darren Pfeiffer
Maxwell Pfitzner
Pauline Pfitzner
Leslie Phillips
Michael Phìllips
Roger Pinches
Gregory Pink
Brady Piper
Leanne Piper
Matthew Piper
Christine Pitcher
Kym Pitcher
William Pitcher
Brian Pittman
David Pittman
Kay Pittman
Philip Plummer
David Plunkett
Roger Plush
Leanne Polkinghorne
Rodney Polkinghorne
Tyler Polkinghorne
Graham Porter
Hugo Porter
Jo Porter
Andrew Potter
Georgia Potter
Liam Potter
Stephen Potter
Wayne Potter
Thomas Potts
Desi Poutakidis
Michael Pratt
Robert Prior
Matthew Pritchard
Robert Pritchard
Mark Prosser
Dylan Provis
Erinne Provis
Isabella Provis
Zachary Provis
John Purser
Matthew Purser
Keith Puyenbroek
James Pyke
Michael Pym
Kristy Quinn
Peter Quinn
Alan Radbone
Eloise Raman
Joshua Raman
Kristin Raman
Maurie Ranger
Adrian Ranieri
Mario Ranieri
Pep Ranieri
Angela Rawson
Yasmine Rboub
John Read
Ashley Reade
Graham Redfern
Geoffrey Rehn
Dennis Reid
Michele Reid
Daniel Reilly
Sally Rendell
Keith Reynolds
Kym Reynolds
Seth Reynolds
Steve Reynolds
Anne-Louise Rhodes
Kevin Rhodes
Norman Rhodes
Geoffrey Ribet
Sophie Ribet
Andrew Richards
Donna Richards
Emma Richards
Jack Richards
Paul Richards
Samantha Richards
Sooty Richards
Charlie Richardson
Dominic Richardson
Margaret Richter
Stephen Richter
Andrew Ricketts
Susan Ricketts
Sally Rico
Murray Riddle
Bryan Ridge
Dave Ridge
David Ridge
Laura Rigmany
Tim Riley
David Ringwood
Mark Ringwood
Greg Rix
Ian Roark
Douglas Robbins
Gary Robbins
Hayden Robbins
Paul Robert
Sam Robert
Helen Roberts
Kelly Roberts
Neville Roberts
Paul Roberts
Peter Roberts
Bernadette Robertson
Neville Robertson
Gregory Robins
Philip Robins
Braden Robinson
Damon Robinson
Erin Robinson
Karen Robinson
Keith Robinson
Liam Robinson
Marc Robinson
Scott Robinson
Tracey Roe
Peter Rohde
Bruce Rolton
Judith Rolton
Helen Ronson
Steven Ronson
Aaron Rose
Anthony Rose
Joan Rose
Mick Rose
Gregory Rosenbauer
Lester Ross
Mark Ross
Glen Rosser
Gemma Round
Grace Round
Wayne Round
Zoe Round
Stephen Rowe
Terry Rowe
Margaret Rowlands
Rodney Rowlands
Anthony Ruggiero
Pasquale Ruggiero
Louise Rumball
Mike Rumball
Martin Rumsby
Alison Runner
Jack Runner
Malcolm Russell
Kieran Ryan
Adam Saccardo
Darren Salvati
Steven Salvati
Tony Salvati
James Sampson
Jon Sampson
Nicholas Sampson
Phillip Sampson
Michael Sancilio
Mark Sandercock
Andrew Sando
Elise Sando
Jacob Sando
Matt Sando
Sue Sando
Rohan Sathianathan
Zavier Sathianathan
Alan Saundry
Maddy Saundry
Darren Savaidis
Robert Schaedel
Thomas Schell
Paul Schmelzkopf
Paul Schmidt
Mark Schneider
Lyn Schutz
Anthony Sciacca
Joe Sciacca
Ashia Scott
Carol Scott
David Scott
Ethan Scott
Jenny Scott
June Scott
Rob Scott
Teresa Scott
Walter Scott
Zac Scott
Kaye Scriven
Paul Searl
Mark Seddon
Ben Seekamp
Lachlan Seekamp
Sophie Seekamp
Denis Sella Gianot
Denis Sella-Gianot
John Sellwood
Jarrad Semmens
Anthony Semmler
Chris Semmler
Darcy Semmler
Rohan Semmler
Shane Semmler
Imogen Sergi
Sebastian Sergi
Tony Sergi
Adrian Sette
Ralph Sette
John Sewerle
Lisa Sewerle
Rex Seymour
Danielle Shallis
Fiona Shanahan
Ian Sharman
Harrison Shaw
Kaiden Shaw
Samuel Shaw
John Shearer
Chris Shenton
Mel Shenton
Brenton Sherman
Nick Shertock
Desma Shillaker
Mark Shilton
Nathan Shrowder
Rick Shrowder
Damon Sillett
Robert Silvestri
Claire Simmons
Asha Singh
Maya Singh
Rajesh Singh
Sachin Singh
Marie Skrodzki
Cooper Small
James Small
Matilda Small
Sally Small
Gay Smallwood-Smith
Adam Smith
Adrian Smith
Brett Smith
Claire Smith
David Smith
Glenn Smith
Greg Smith
Ian Smith
Jonty Smith
Julie Smith
Kendrew Smith
Neil Smith
Nicole Smith
Peter Smith
Phillip Smith
Rosslyn Smith
Spencer Smith
Toby Smith
Alex Solari
Angeline Solari
Daniel Solari
David Solari
John Solari
Gerry Solly
Barry Solomon
Bob Sorensen
Melanie Sosnowski
Dean Southwood
Margaret Southwood
Ashley Sowton
Jaime Sowton
Joe Sowton
Rocky Spagnolo
Bruce Spangler
Pauline Spence
Leslie Spencer
Michael Spencer
Molly Spencer
Phillip Spencer
Claudio Spina
Jason Spirdonoff
Ken Sporton
Paul Sporton
Tony Sporton
Larry Spurling
Guy Standen
Jackson Standley
Robert Stanford
Kevin Stanton
Paul Starick
Alex Staritski
Ethan Staritski
Justin Staritski
Lachy Staritski
Lainey Staritski
Tara Staritski
Andrew Stasinowsky
Emma Steele
Luke Steele
Paul Steele
Sam Stephens
Rafael Sterk
Greg Stevens
Karleen Stevens
Margery Stevens
Marlene Stevens
Russell Stevens
Aiden Stevenson
Brodie Stevenson
David Stevenson
Patrick Stevenson
Duane Stewart
Jake Stewart
John Stewart
Paul Stewart
Debbie Stillitano
Frank Stillitano
Michael Stock
David Stockdale
Karl Stockman
Makayla Stockman
Andrew Story
Olivia Story
Thomas Story
Kaye Stott
Kane Strapps
Gary Stratford
Coral Strempel
Wayne Strempel
David Sturtevant
Sally Sturtevant
Mathew Suckling
Scott Sullivan
Mike Sussex
Gayl Sutton
Mark Sutton
Dale Sweeney
Annabelle Swift
Elaine Swift
Robin Swift
Dianne Symons
Zack Syrianos
Anthony Taggart
John Taintey
Damien Taipale
Jamie Taipale
Joel Taipale
Vincent Tarzia
Allan Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Dave Taylor
Jeanette Taylor
Joan Taylor
Michael Taylor
Tonu Tennosaar
Domenic Terminello
Andrew Thiele
Neil Thiele
Amelia Thomas
Ava Thomas
Charlie Thomas
Courtney Thomas
Don Thomas
Greg Thomas
Huw Thomas
Keith Thomas
Matt Thomas
Scott Thomas
Annaliese Thompson
Dean Thompson
Nick Thompson
Jamie Thomson
Mitchell Thomson
Joel Thornhill
Joe Thorp
John Thorpe
Christopher Thuen
Tony Ticketbox
Michael Tilbrook
Murray Tippett
Pam Tippett
Paul Tippett
Thomas Tiver
Naomi Todd
Annabel Tolfts
David Tomney
Georgia Tomney
Lauren Tomney
Matt Tomney
Rachel Tomney
Celia Topperwien
Craig Topperwien
John Topperwien
Paul Topperwien
Don Topsfield
Brenton Trafford
Jessica Trafford
Anastasia Treble
Zebulon Treble
Chris Trestrail
Raymond Trevaskis
Mark Trewartha
Gwen Trezise
Kirsty Trezise
Mark Trezise
Wayne Trezise
Joe Tripodi
Pat Tripodi
Hayden Tronnolone
Jordan Tronnolone
Socrates Tsambarlis
Jason Tuck
John Tulloch
Douglas Turbill
Gregory Turbill
Ryan Turbill
Shirley Turbill
Dion Turner
Russell Turner
Luke Tyson
Johannes Van Dalen
Peter Van Der Zwaag
Max Van Kaathoven
Kasey Van Puijenbroek
Peter Vardaro
Jason Vasilunas
Leo Vasilunas
Sonali Vasilunas
Roger Vaughan
Carol Veaney
David Veaney
Gabbi Veaney
Luka Veaney
Tim Veaney
Jeff Verco
Isabella Veritay-Richards
Riley Verrall
John Vickers
Ross Vivian
Trevor Vivian
Max Von Stanke
Emma Vosti
Breanna Vullings
Sharon Vullings
Douglas Wade
Lisa Wagner
Thomas Wagner
Alana Walker
Andrew Walker
Angus Walker
Emily Walker
Grace Walker
Harrison Walker
Matthew Walker
Nicholas Walker
Robert Walker
Shenae Walker
Stephen Walker
Taylor Walker
Wayne Walker
Craig Walkington
Noah Walkington
Jaxon Wallace
Jessica Wallace
Lachlan Wallace
Richard Wallace
Wayne Wallis
Timothy Wallwork
Jan Walsh
Marie Walsh
Phil Walsh
Robert Walsh
Sandra Walsh
Tyler Ward
John Warn
Annie Warrick
Ella Warrick
Fraser Warrick
Malcolm Warrick
Samuel Warrick
Tricia Warrick
William Warrick
Gemma Wasley
Grant Wasley
Sam Wasley
Gavin Waterhouse
John Waters
Peter Watkins
Alexander Watson
Brad Watson
Bradley Watson
Joshua Watson
Lee Watson
Emma Webb
Katie Webb
Lachlan Webb
Meg Webb
Michaela Webb
Richard Webb
Jenny Webber
Sharyn Webber
Chloe Webster
Tyson Webster
Elliot Webster-Brown
Martha Webster-Brown
Ashleigh Webster-Marr
Jeff Wegener
Gaynor Weiland
Alexander Welsh
April Wenham
Macy Wenham
Owen Wenham
Peter Western
Cindy Westlake
Gavin Wheaton
Craig Whincup
David White
John White
Paul White
Richard White
Trevor White
Stephen Wicks
Ron Wigney
Andy Wilhelm
Michael Wilkins
Sandy Wilkins
Paul William Sciacca
Archie Williams
Declan Williams
Gavin Williams
Greg Williams
Kym Williams
Pauline Williams
Roger Williams
Ruby Williams
Stacey Williams
Tony Williams
Wade Williams
Dene Willsmore
Dianne Willsmore
Christine Wilson
David Wilson
Geoffrey Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Mandi Wilson
Marlene Wilson
Roger Wilson
Samuel Wilson
Cobber Wilton
Craig Wilton
Eva Wilton
Robert Wilton
Kirsti Winneke
Aaron Winterfield
Abbie Winterfield
David Wissell
Max Wissell
Sam Wissell
Brett Wood
Connor Wood
Geoffrey Wood
Jeanette Wood
Peter Wood
Ray Wood
Stephen Wood
Brian Woodcock
Dan Woodcock
David Woodcock
Eliza Woodcock
Kate Woodcock
Martin Woodcock
Roger Woodcock
Stephen Woodcock
Thomas Woodcock
Andrew Woodrow
Gregory Woodrow
Peter Woodrow
Geoff Wooldridge
Chris Woolley
Jeff Wright
Matthew Wright
Pam Wright
Theo Xydias
Gary Yelland
Jon Yerbury
Leonard Young
Chris Zanker
David Zanker
Milorad Zecevic
Andrew Zobel
Damien Zobel
Maurice Zobel
Samuel Zobel
Charlie Zollo
Xavier Zollo