Match Report

Match Report – Lady Legs narrowly fall to Sturt

A tight game was played out between the Lady Legs and Sturt at Wigan Oval, with plenty at stake for both teams plus the celebration of another milestone game celebrating Sophie Armitstead’s 50th League match.

While Sturt was looking to secure a top-two finish, our girls had everything to play for with trying to secure a place in the finals before the last minor round next weekend.

After a heavy loss to the Double Blues in Round five, the Lady Legs were not given a chance. Kicking into the breeze in the first, the girls worked hard but struggled to find themselves consistently going forward and were unable to score while Sturt kicked two and could easily have been more.

Coming into the second, the girls needed to respond. With the aid of the breeze and a lift in the work rate, the Lady Legs kept Sturt scoreless while getting on the board with a major mid-way through the term. Another to follow right on the halftime break that had the deficit cut to just three points.

A hard-fought third quarter with a lot of stoppages and not much free-flowing football ensured very little scoring was taking place. Whilst the Lady Legs defended well, unfortunately, the last minute of the term saw Sturt score a goal to stretch their lead out to 11-points at the final change.

Kicking with the wind in the last, the Lady Legs were challenged to play fast football to give themselves a chance, the game opened somewhat with scoring becoming a little easier. Six goals in total were kicked between both sides. It was goal for goal most of the quarter until the Lady Legs got two in quick succession. With less than two minutes to play, the girls had got themselves into a winning position being three points down with an all-important centre clearance needed to surge forward and pinch the game in what would have been a remarkable come from behind win. It wasn’t to be, right on the siren, Sturt was paid a free-kick straight out in front of goal which was finished off, which saw the Lady Legs fall short by nine points.

Solid performances once again from Cutting and Halfpenny in the midfield, Nenke and Johnston down back along with Schwerdt, Hiscock and Lishmund who finished with two goals to extend her lead in the leagues leading goalkicker race.

It all comes down to our last minor round home game against South next Saturday. A must-win game for the Lady Legs if they are to progress to the final series.


NORWOOD: 0.0 2.1 2.1 5.3 (33)

STURT: 2.4 2.4 3.6 6.6 (42)

GOALS: Lishmund 2, Bigg, Simmonds, Zerella

BEST: L.Cutting, J.Halfpenny, C.Nenke, S.Hiscock, M.Johnston, L.Schwerdt