Match Report

Match Report – Lady Legs run riot over Bloods

THE Redlegs recorded a triumphant victory over 2021 Grand Finalists West Adelaide on Saturday morning at The Parade.

In arguably their finest performance of the season, the Redlegs held off the visitors by 58-points conceding only one goal.

Norwood’s pressure and commitment to move the ball quickly was evident in the first term, however, they managed one major through Round 2 Breakthrough player, Jade Halfpenny.

With a lead a quarter time, the Redlegs continued to press in the second term, when they booted four unanswered goals, with their young midfielders hitting the scoreboard via Lana Schwerdt and Jade Halfpenny.

The Lady Legs led by as much as 22-points at the main break, keeping the visitors goalless up until halftime.

Norwood’s contest work and ability to spread from the contest was a real highlight, as inform forward Alana Lishmund kicked back-to-back goals within the first five minutes of the third quarter.

Norwood were resolute in defence, much to the great work of Tamsyn Nation and Ashlee Gould.

The Lady Legs dominated all key statistics with inside 50’s (+16), clearances (+24) and marks (+22).

The Redlegs were able to get first use of the football and allow for penetrating attacks inside forward 50.

The final term saw the Redlegs finish with four goals un-answered as they raced away to a vital percentage boosting victory.


NORWOOD: 1.0 4.0 6.5 10.6 (66)

WEST ADELAIDE: 0.0 0.2 1.2 1.2 (8)

BEST: Syme, Maher, Lishmund, Mulvahil, Hiscock, Schwerdt

GOALS: Lishmund 3, Mulvahil 3, Brooksby, Dona, Halfpenny, Schwerdt