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Norwood Results – SANFL Girls U15 and U17 Intrastate Carnival

Norwood secured two wins over Sturt on the opening day of the annual SANFL Girls U15 and U17 Intrastate Carnival.

The carnival is run during the second week of the October school holidays, across three days of football, with Norwood taking on the Double Blues, Central District and North Adelaide.

On the first day (Tuesday, October 10) Norwood’s U15 and U17 sides travelled out to Thebarton to take on Sturt, with the U15 girls kicking off the tournament with a seven-point win, followed by a 16-point win in the U17s.

On day two the Redlegs sides took on Central District in Elizabeth, with the Bulldogs proving too strong across both grades with a 17-point win in the U15s and a 12-point win in the U17s.

The Norwood girls headed back to Thebarton on Thursday to play North Adelaide. The Redlegs and Roosters split the results one-all with a Norwood win in the U17s 7.4-46 to 3.3-21, and a North Adelaide win in the U15s 6.6-42 to 2.6-18.

See the full results breakdown below.

The SANFL Girls Intrastate Carnival provides teenage girls from across the State with the opportunity to push for selection in the 2024 South Australian State teams.

The high standard also allows the SANFL clubs to observe the players’ performance against quality opposition before making selection decisions for 2024.

Find the full fixture and the results across the League here

Day 1 Results V Sturt

U15 Norwood 5.6 (36) v Sturt 4.5 (29)

Best Players
Norwood: Elke Cameron, Kiera Foster, Kate Alexander, Mikayla van Dommele, Taylah Pearson, Lara Gribben
Sturt: Erin Conn, Madeline Nuss, Indira Panelli, Lily Whiteman, Charlotte Copson, Indiana Ambrose-Pearce

Goal Kickers
Norwood: Mikayla van Dommele 2, Lily Thomas, Chelsea Marshall, Taylah Pearson
Sturt: Lola Beveridge 2, Isabelle Purdie, Saskia Kellaway

U17 Norwood 5.9 (39) defeated Sturt 3.5 (23)

Best Players
Norwood: Mia Salisbury, Charli Hazelhurst, Lottie Almond, Chloe Sternagel, Kahtea Siegert, Emma Daley
Sturt: Maddie Revell, Amelie D’Arcy, Riley Carroll, Summer Ross, Phoebe Neck, Aaliyah Fox

Goal Kickers
Norwood: Chloe Sternagel 3, Kyah Jaffer, Elizabeth Rowe
Sturt: Maddi Revell 2, Sienna Fox

Day 2 Results V Central District

U15 Central District 2.9 (21) defeat v Norwood 0.4 (4)

Best Players
Central District: Ashleigh Heggie, Mikayla Wagner, Scarlett Wilkin, Jyearah Newchurch, Miyu Endersby.
Norwood: Elke Cameron, Ella Anderson, Amy Kosir, Sienna Jackway,Kirralee Johns, Layla Webb.

Goal Scorers
Central District: Illinca Barbo, Ava Marshall.
Norwood: –

U17 Central District 2.6 (18) defeat Norwood 0.6 (6)

Best Players
Central District: Tarly Borgas, S Woods, Akeira-Juliet Whichello, Emily Curnow, Mik Antony.
Norwood: Lottie Almond, Charli Hazelhurst, Emma Daley, Ella Strudwick, Kalea Siegert, Mia Salisbury.

Goal Kickers
Central District: Lauryn Farr, Tara Lord.
Norwood: –

Day 3 Results V North Adelaide

U15 North Adelaide 6.6 (42) defeat Norwood 2.6 (18)

Best Players
North Adelaide: Ava Mooney, Caitlin Hardin, Emmerson Lihou, Isabella Beaumont, Polly Turner.
Norwood: Laura Wilson, Elke Cameron, Riley Pearson, Lily Thomas, Molly Sennar, Louise McPhee.

Goal Scorers
North Adelaide: Gracie Kotz, Christie Cooper 2, Isobel McTaggart, Emmerson Lihou.
Norwood: Riley Pearson, Ava Thomson.

U17 Norwood 7.4 (46) defeat North Adelaide 3.3 (21)

Best Players
Norwood: Isabella Calvanese, Ella Strudwick, Kyah Jaffer, Lottie Almond, Emma Daley, Charli Hazelhurst.
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Georgia Robertson, Amalie Innes, Sasha Hardin, Imogen Myles, Bailey Murray.

Goal Scorers
Norwood: Isabella Calvanese 4, Ella Strudwick 2, Kia Bascomb.
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Amalie Innes, Alexis Nieass.