Match Report

U18 Match Review Round 10 vs Eagles

In what was an exciting week for our squad with our vice-captain Daniel Fairbrother going up to bolster the League backline, we had yet another disappointing and absentee performance. For all the work we had put in this week on the track, we rocked up to Woodville confident, however, as soon as the opening bounce struck – were completely redundant in the match. With copious omissions across the squad (injuries, covering reserves, college) our depth players, who had carried us to our 7-game winning streak only weeks ago, had a chance to solidify their spot in this squad long term.

Unfortunately, we were comfortably outworked, outsmarted, and outrun by the Eagles all game and subsequently went from being one game clear on top of the ladder to being 3rd and no guarantee of finals. Sam Duke was a sole contributor down back trying his best to hold down the fort under constant fire – a real captain’s game. This week’s game will decide our season. This is our first final as we host Centrals Saturday morning at the Parade.

The time for words has passed. Our actions will decide this season from here on out – for better or worse.


EAGLES:3.6 8.7 10.14 11.14 (80)

NORWOOD:0.1 2.3 4.4 7.8 (50)

GOALS: Jones-Bobridge, McDonald, Murley, Warrick, Gal, Joseph, Nelligan