NFC Junior Reports

Under 18s Match Report – Round 3

This week was a serious challenge for us as a side – going up against an undefeated side in North Adelaide who has played some good footy throughout the start of the season.

Looking to build on our previous game against Sturt, we were once again focused internally on our brand and style because we knew over the first two weeks irrespective of the results our best was more than enough to compete strongly and overrun sides at different times. Much like the week before against Sturt, much of the early running came from the opposition who brought some real pressure on us. It was great to see us stand resolute under pressure and match it so soon into the game. This came largely from our ruckmen at the stoppages – giving us first chance and following up to help on the ground where needed. Seeing both ruckmen Aidan Lake and Damon Pitt contribute for 16 clearances between them gave us plenty of drive and confidence to take the opposition on.

While our finishing in front of the big sticks was much better than last week, a large portion of our early wins came from the back half. With best on ground Max Michalanney battling deep in defence one on one to provide us attacking opportunities, Alastair Lord, Riley Verrall and Will Bowman up field reaped the rewards. In a true team performance, we had contributions across the field from seasoned players at this level, Peter Minervini doing as many team acts as some sides get, debutant Beau Baldwin popping up for some scoring chances and a goal, and Zac Bishop with some exciting flair and speed in patches – just to name a few.

Finishing up the game as 11-point winners we were pleased with two and a half /three-quarters of play for the day, but we know as a group that we have plenty more to give and improve upon. We look forward to the day the four-quarter effort comes together – because our full potential is yet to be seen.

This week we go up against an up and about opposition coming off a good win last week in West Adelaide at Hisense Stadium (WAFC) Saturday at 12:50am. Once again, our goal is to improve what can be improved, to play with a brand and flair we enjoy, and to never be satisfied with just results.


NORWOOD: 3.1 7.4 10.6 10.9 69

NORTH ADELAIDE: 3.3 4.4 5.6 8.10 58

BEST: Max Michalanney, Matthew Dnistriansky, Alastair Lord, Taj Rahui, Jack Ianniello & Jett Boxer.

GOALS: Ianniello 2, Bishop, Boxer, Gale, Pitt, Jones-Bobridge, Minervini, Pratt, Baldwin