Wheelchair League

Wheelchair Grand Final Match Report

Last Friday night at the Lights Community & Leisure Centre we took on the undefeated Sturt Wheelchair Football team.

Knowing full well we were underdogs we still gave ourselves a chance as we had earned our spot in the Grand Final against them. For the full first half, we were always in touch and went into the main break only 3 points down. The pressure and defence on both sides were really intense and when Sturt got a few goals late in the third we knew it was going to be hard. To our team’s full credit, we all gave it everything and even when down with minutes to go we made it as hard as possible for Sturt to not gain a bigger lead.

Our players are so appreciative of all the support we have had from the club this year, from James Fantasia, Paul Di Iulio and especially to Rick Shrowder and Shenae Walker always by our side. Also for the support, we have received from our Major Sponsor PQSA.

Thank you to all the Norwood faithful that have been out to our games, sent support and wishes and especially to those that watched us on the Grand Final night. For us to play this modified version of Footy is one thing but to represent Norwood Football Club as the wheelchair team has been an honour for us all.

We gave it our all in the Grand Final and I am super proud of our team as we fought to the very end.




Grant Leonard

Norwood’s 2021 Wheelchair Team.