Wheelchair League

Wheelchair Match Report – Round 9

Friday night’s Round 9 game against Sturt was the last of the minor season for the Novita Wheelchair Football league.

With already locking in a Grand Final berth against Sturt for this coming Friday, it was a good chance to try a couple of things before the real deal with the overall result not affecting the ladder. Sturt has shown all season they are the team to beat as they are still undefeated with such a strong all-around side.

Our team has worked so hard after our Rd 1 loss to put ourselves in this Grand Final match, we know we are major underdogs in a list structure, but we only need to beat Sturt once… let’s make it this Friday night!!


Sturt: 17.12. (114)

Norwood: 9.5. (59)

Thank you all for your support thus far, it would be awesome to have you cheer us on Friday night as we take on Sturt in the first Novita SANFL Wheelchair Grand Final.

7 pm Friday night at Lightsview Community Centre.

Grant Leonard