Wheelchair League

Wheelchair Match Reports – Rounds 6,7 and 8

Round 6 Match Report:

Wednesday night had Norwood vs Sturt. Sturt is still undefeated so we knew this would be very hard, we were able to challenge them the last time we played so we were hoping to replicate it again this round. Unfortunately, we were just completely outplayed and had a convincing loss.

Sturt: 16.10 106

Norwood: 5.6 36

Round 7 Match Report:

Round 7 Friday night at the Lights against the Eagles. We came into this game with a win and a loss against the Eagles and both Clubs knew that this was probably the most important game of the minor round. The game was certainly passionate and even a little heated at times with both teams knowing how much this game meant.  We took the game on to them and they did to us as well. We needed to be focused and switched on for the full 4 quarters.

The Eagles were extremely strong from the first quarter, they had an early lead and led at every break. We had to come from behind in the last quarter knowing that the season was literally on the line, a couple of late goals and then 2 points in the last minute to win by 2 points.

I was extremely proud of our team, this was a good hard competitive game.

Norwood: 9.9 63

Eagles: 9.7 61

Round 8 Match Report:

Round 8 on Sunday against Central Districts. This team are improving with their defensive work so we needed to be accurate with our passing and moving….for the whole game! This again was a must-win game as other results can still knock us out of 2nd position. We worked extremely well together today and everybody played a great game, we had our lead from the first quarter but knew we had to continue for the full 4 quarters and not leave anything to chance.

A nice deserving win for our team has now given us the best chance for locking in 2nd. With other results confirmed at the end of Rd 8 Norwood have secured a Grand final berth leading into the final round. It has been a massive battle for this second position. I am so proud of this team as we have had all the challenges put to us and we have dug deep to hold our ground.

Next Friday night is the last of the minor rounds and again we play the undefeated Sturt.

Norwood: 12.7 79

Centrals: 2.5 17