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2018 Major Lottery Winners

The Norwood Football Club would like to congratulate all of the winners in our 2018 Major Lottery.


License No: M13546

The Norwood Football Club 2018 Major Lottery was drawn at 4.00pm on Friday 16/11/2018

Drawn Winners were ..

1st Prize (Mazda 3 Car) – Ticket No. 11547, Jeff Ebert, Adelaide

2nd  Prize (Qatar Airways Europe Trip) – Ticket No. 02901, Kim Kelly, Kensington Gardens

3rd  Prize (Caddle Crash Voucjher) – Ticket No. 05083, J. Waters, Joslin

4th  Prize (GlimpseOz Voucher) – Ticket No. 02092, John Fox, Forestville

5th Prize (Telstra Tough Smartphone) – Ticket No. 08142, Kerry Moretti, Hillcrest

6th  – 10th Prize (Barossa Boy Wines and Coopers Brewery packs) – Ticket No. 04089, 07575, 01067, 04261 and 03487