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2019 Indigenous Guernsey

The Norwood Football Club 2019 Indigenous guernsey pays homage to the country we live on and how different communities come together to connect, share and teach younger generations Aboriginal culture.

The guernsey, to be worn in Indigenous Round at Glenelg in Round 13, was designed by Kelly Carbine.

Kelly Carbine, a proud Wirnagu Kookatha woman from Port Lincoln South Australia, said she felt privileged to create the Redlegs 2019 Indigenous guernsey.

“I’m a strong believer in our younger generation learning from our Elders the stories they have been told to keep the Aboriginal Culture alive amongst our people, this is why it meant a lot to me by designing this Indigenous Guernsey, as I was able to show the story of the teaching, connection and closeness the different Aboriginal clans have throughout the country.”

The large emblem on the back represents a large gathering of people, this is an important emblem because it shows the circle of strength and connection.

The bigger half circle shapes represent people from different parts of the country coming together to teach the small half circles which represent the younger generation.

The dots and lines represent the desert, grass and sea areas connecting and coming together.

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Norwood’s 2019 Indigenous Guernsey designed by Kelly Carbine.