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2020 Norwood Playing Numbers

NORWOOD’s playing list is back training and it hasn’t taken long for the new recruits to be assigned their jumper number for 2020.

Richard Douglas will continue to wear the number 26 in 2020, after sporting it for 13 years whilst playing for the Adelaide Crows.

Former Brisbane Lion, Ryan Bastinac, will don No.21 while former South Adelaide midfielder Emmanuel Irra will don the number 42 in 2020.

Codey Ellison will wear No.30 – left vacant by Brady Dawe who retired last year.

Former Geelong VFL midfielder Nik Rokahr will wear number 16, commanding forward Tom Pinyon will wear 22, while there have been a few number changes within the current list.

Athletic half-back Brodie Carroll will wear No.15 left by former skipper Jace Bode, while Jacob Collins will inherit the No.39 left by dual Premiership player Alex Georgiou.

Up and coming youngster Sam Buckham has switched to number 19 after Tom Forster vacated the jumper in December.

Sam Barnett will switch to No.28, while Jack Heard will inherit the No.35 guernsey.

Isaac Saywell will wear the No. 37 guernsey previously worn by Chris Olsson.

2020 Playing Numbers:

  1. Zac Richards
  2. Cody Szust
  3. Peter Bampton
  4. Matthew Panos
  5. Michael Talia
  6. Luke Surman
  7. Brad McKenzie
  8. Mitch Grigg
  9. Daniel Johnston
  10. Declan Hamilton
  11. Will Abbott
  12. Dom Barry
  13. Cam Ball
  14. Matthew Nunn
  15. Brodie Carroll (From No.28)
  16. Nik Rokahr
  17. Mac Bower
  18. Sam Baulderstone
  19. Sam Buckham (From 57)
  20. Anthony Wilson
  21. Ryan Bastinac
  22. Tom Pinyon
  23. Lewis Johnston
  24. Lachlan Pascoe
  25. Cameron Shenton
  26. Richard Douglas
  27. Mitch Wilkins
  28. Sam Barnett (From 53)
  29. Josh Richards
  30. Codey Ellison
  31. Henry Crauford
  32. Tom Wagner
  33. Corey Grove
  34. Ben Millman
  35. Jack Heard (From 54)
  36. Nick Pedro
  37. Isaac Saywell (From 51)
  38. Cole Gerloff
  39. Jacob Collins (From 50)
  40. Tyler Martin
  41. Brad Ficken
  42. Emmanuel Irra
  43. Sam Johns
  44. Henry Wilhelm
  45. Mitchell Coles
  46. Vacant
  47. Connor Bristow
  48. Jed Spence (From 64)
  49. Chris Lodovici
  50. Tristian Binder
  51. Mitchell Carroll
  52. Sam Morris
  53. Jeb Cassanova 58.Tex Dowdell